Walk Your Way: 5 Unique Wedding Processional Ideas For Non-Traditional Couples

It's the big moment everyone has been waiting for. A hushed silence falls over the crowd as the music begins to play. There is excitement in the air as the bride is about to make her debut!

But wait, let's rewind.

All the planning and coordinating that goes into that big moment is beyond stressful. Just assembling your "I Do" crew can be difficult. 

Truth is, there is no right or wrong way to do a wedding processional. Pay tribute to tradition or throw it to the wind, all that really matters is that you do what makes YOU happy. The Vow Exchange events team makes it easy to plan your "I Do" crew and coordinates your entire wedding processional the way YOU want it.

For ideas and inspiration, here are five Vow Exchange newlyweds who did their processional their own way!

Lisa & John

Rebels at Heart

These proud parents asked their children to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen! When it came time, Lisa embraced her big moment and took center stage all by herself. And when John saw her for the first time he couldn't resist, he broke the only rule there is and went in for a kiss! 

The_Vow_Exchange_Kansas_City_Small_Budget_Wedding_Venue_Lisa & John_037.jpg
The_Vow_Exchange_Kansas_City_Small_Budget_Wedding_Venue_Lisa & John_043.jpg

Mico & Daniel

Simply Electric

This bride and groom matched in brilliant white and had their two best friends rock the color down the aisle. Mico's handsome father escorted her and blessed her marriage before giving her away to her new soon-to-be husband.  


Kiersten & Brice

Better Together

It was a family affair with their children in the roles of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girl! Kiersten & Brice not only chose a song that was special to them, they had a dear friend play it live. And in an act of chivalry, this groom walked back to his bride and lead her arm in arm down the aisle to be wed!


Emily & Uli

Dynamic Duo

It was all about their love that day as the two walked down the aisle, hand in hand, together. Emily & Uli's closest family and friends were gathered and all played an equal part in their celebration! 


Andrea & Jon

Tradition With A Twist

These darling little flower girls passed out single stem roses and a little bit of love to each wedding guest! A lucky groomsman escorted Andrea down the aisle and gave her away to Jon where they tied the knot alongside their seven best guys and six best gals!


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