The Making of a Mural

We moved into our chapel in the Crossroads Arts District 5 years ago! In that time we’ve seen the neighborhood explode with the coolest street art in the city (and we would argue, the world). We have been wanting to add our own colorful addition to the neighborhood and after months of planning, prepping, and painting, we debuted our gift to the city at “First Fridays” on May 3rd! Now we want to take you behind the scenes of the making of our mural!

Step 1: The Design

Going in we knew we wanted to create a beautiful mural as a gift to this amazing city and the fabulous people in it. We also knew we wanted to spruce up our little alley in the crossroads and make it really POP! So that left us with a lot of options, which is why this step took the most time.

We reached out to the city to make sure we were following the rules and regulations. Thinking there would be red tape, we were pleasantly surprised when we received nothing but green lights and encouragement.

Which reminded us once again why we wanted to add our own little contribution to this great city. That’s when it all came together. We would have bluebirds on a dogwood tree as those are Missouri’s state bird & tree. And as we are self-proclaimed love junkies, the phrase “Follow Your Heart” felt like a given. The heart would be anatomical to match the aesthetic of the surrounding Crossroads murals! With her KC Art Institute background and a little help from Google, our own Amy Rizzo quickly had the design mocked up and we were in love!


Step 2: The Supplies

We knew our mural was going to present certain challenges because of it being on the street. We would need a road paint that dries quickly and can withstand cars and heavy rain. Oh and we needed about 10 different colors because of our design. After some research we landed on Sherwin Williams Pro Park Paint and it was perfect for what we needed. With a red, blue, yellow, and white, we were able to mix up our desired colors in about a dozen dollar store plastic containers.


We have a go big or go home mentality. So we wanted to have dogwood flowers leading down the alley from our mural to the steps of The Vow Exchange Chapel. We went to work making stencils, first by printing the flowers on extra large paper and then tracing them onto a thin bristol board and poster board. Using our handy dandy exacto knife, we cut out the stencils for each flower pattern.


Step 3: Outline & Paint

Now a mural this size is not easy to free hand. So we knew we needed a way to trace the design. We did a little experiment by printing the design on a transparency paper and holding a flashlight behind to project the image. Before long, one of us was standing on a 14ft ladder in the dark of night, holding a flashlight and a flimsy piece of paper, while the other quickly traced the image with sidewalk chalk. By the grace of God our chalk outline was still there in the morning and we were ready for the paint to hit the road!


Our dogwood flower stencils had their first test run and passed with flying colors! One down, twenty more to go!


Step 4: Party & Pose

After two long weeks, we put down the brushes, washed the paint out of our hair, and called it a wrap! We debuted our baby to the world during the “First Fridays” celebration on May 3rd - exactly 5 years after our grand opening! It has been a blast seeing our little gift to the city get discovered by our friends, neighbors, and fellow Kansas Citians!


Now come on down to our little alley in The Crossroads (between McGee & Oak) to see our Follow Your Heart mural in person! Don’t forget to take your picture and tag it #FollowYourHeartKC


Join us every first friday for our 2019 summer block party series! Come down to The Crossroads for “First Fridays” and stop by to hang out with your friends at The Vow Exchange Chapel!


This One Takes The Cake: Top 10 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers (Featuring DIY, Monogram, Rustic, Funny, and Disney Themed Toppers)

I think we can all admit we’ve shown up to a wedding and immediately scoped out the room to find the cake. I mean, a wedding invitation is basically a ticket for free cake! These Vow Exchange couples knew exactly that, which is why they decided to add an extra touch to their multi-tiered confection! Some couples kept it classy, while others went a little crazy, but they all chose cake toppers that reflected their new marriage - which is exactly why they made our “top 10 toppers” list!

1. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

2. I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs.

3. Little Lovebirds

4. Rose Gold Glimmer

5. Dr. Who Fanatics

6. Mr. & Mrs. P

7. Jurassic Love

8. Enchanted Rose

9. Lucky in Love

10. Furbies Forever


See our celebration of the coolest Vow Exchange brides flaunting their tattoos their on wedding day!


KC Crossroads Arts District: Our Top 21 Street Art Wedding Portraits

Just about 5 years ago we blew out our candles, packed up our altar, and moved our small wedding venue to the very heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District! It only made sense that our chapel, owned and operated by Kansas City Art Institute grads, would find its home in the center of the KC art world! Immediately, our team of wedding photographers took to the streets to find the most vibrant portrait spots in the neighborhood and let me tell you, it did not take long.

With graffiti, murals, and street art galore, we are lucky to find ourselves in a city full of color! To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite colorful spots in the crossroads with our roundup of top 21 street art wedding portraits!


If you thought Constance & Carissa looked adorable, just wait until you see them dancing down our aisle as newlyweds!


Wedding Flower Power: Showcasing 10 Kansas City Brides and Their Spring Bridal Bouquets!

The Vow Exchange expert florists, Jillian and Jessica, consistently "wow" us with luscious, hand-tied, fresh flower bouquets. Best of all, The Vow Exchange has perfected the customization process so making your dream bouquet is easy, affordable, and fun! Their all-inclusive “Everything” wedding package includes a hand tied bridal bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere that YOU customize by picking your two favorite colors and a premium flower. You can even add on coordinating flowers for your wedding party!

These well known Kansas City wedding florists have been crafting arrangement for couples getting married at the small wedding venue for over 5 years now. So we looked back through the dozens of bridal bouquets from over those years and picked out our 10 favorite springtime arrangements to share with you! Which one would you want to carry down the aisle?

*Pro tip: click the picture to see the beautiful blooms up close & click again at the bottom for more details on the featured flowers!

Flowers aren’t the only thing for customizing! Choose how you want to walk down the aisle with inspiration from 5 flawless Vow Exchange brides.

Top 30 Wedding Dress Trains Worn by Kansas City Brides

We love wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes, but when we see a gown with a long cathedral train we get giddy like a little girl on Christmas! We just get swept up by the drama and romance of a dress train that goes on for days. You’ll understand the feeling once you’ve seen our 30 favorite fluffy, sparkly, and lacy dress trains - all worn by our gorgeous Vow Exchange brides right here in Kansas City. Fun fact, some of the most epic dress trains were worn for mini (30 minute) courthouse style ceremonies in our small wedding venue. One thing is for sure, whether you’re a fan of a delicate sweep train or you fancy a striking elongated train, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with more than one of our top 30 picks!

30 more! This time it’s our top 30 newlywed portraits - and they are seriously drool worthy!


Bottles & Bites Breakdown - Easy Wedding Receptions in Kansas City

Let’s talk about everyone’s wedding day favorites, or as we like to call them, the 3 B’s. The buffet, the booze, and the bakes. We happen to know our way around a good buffet and we have had our fair share of experiences with a tasty beer or two. Cake holds a special place in our hearts from years of licking buttercream off the spatula and birthdays spent putting candles on top of the Betty Crocker box cake. We wanted to take those years of experience with our favorite treats and build the best party possible, fit for Kansas City’s modern engaged couple and our small and cozy wedding chapels. A few years later and our Bottles & Bites packages have been the perfect fit for so many couples wanting a truly joyous & stress free celebration for them and their “biggest fans”.

Today we’re breaking down the Bottles & Bites package and showcasing the best and most drool worthy from the three B’s. Because these reception confections deserve a celebration of their own!

The Buffet

We've perfected the menu now you choose the main course from our can't-go-wrong list.

We have years of experience in food. Especially in eating food. But also in cooking, catering, and menu design. That’s why we designed the Bottles & Bites catering package for munching and mingling whether seated at one of our tables or standing with friends & family. Think “fine dining served food truck style”. From the creamy artichoke dip to the Mediterranean style roasted veggie platter, there’s guaranteed favorites for everyone. With food this good and serving sizes fit to satisfy the heartiest of eaters, your guests are guaranteed to have full hearts and full bellies.

The Booze

Pick between household names and hometown favorites!

We know the key to throwing a good party resides at the bar. Our friendly in-house bartender will stock up the bar with vintage bottled sodas, white wine, red wine and your favorite beers from our list including all the greatest hits. The generously stocked bar means no extra fees even for those who consume a “little extra”. We know no wedding celebration would be complete with out a little bubbly. Which is why this package option also includes enough champagne to share across a toast or two. Cheers to that!


The Bakes

Have your cake and eat it too!

We’re crazy for cake so we were picky when it came to finding the right baker, but we found the best one in the city. The bottles and bites package includes a 3 tiered cake to satisfy the sweet tooth of all 50 of your guests. Choose to stand out with a bright gold buttercream frosting or stick with a classy white on white look. The top and bottom tiers are classic vanilla to please any crowd and the middle tier is reserved for your favorite flavor from our list featuring a melt in your mouth red velvet and a sweet but slightly sour lemon among others. After the newlyweds cut the cake, the hosts will finish up serving the rest. But don’t fret, you’ll go home with any leftovers in addition to your top-tier saved specially for your first anniversary.

Don't need a full reception but still want to cut the cake? Add on a mini cake custom to your liking!

Hungry yet? Taste these must have eats and treats for yourself! Learn more about our all-inclusive Bottles & Bites packages by clicking below.

Peek in on a Melanie & David’s Bottles & Bites celebration!