DIY Done For You: 8 Items You Can Cross Off Your To-Do List

We’ve watched as wedding trends evolved to demand more and more hours in the Hobby Lobby aisles and long nights behind a hot glue gun. Just hop on Pinterest and within minutes you’ll catch yourself muttering “who has time for that?”. We’ve been asking ourselves that question for years and now you can join us every week on the “I Do” Rescue podcast where we question the entire status quo of today’s wedding industry and the unreasonable expectations put on couples getting married.

We believe fewer tasks on your wedding to-do list means more time for focusing on what the day is really about. But we also know it’s the little things that can bring the most joy. That is why The Vow Exchange Events team has personally designed and hand made 8 of those “little things” and keeps them wedding ready for all our brides and grooms to use. So set down the glue gun, back away from the glitter, and get your beauty sleep knowing these DIYs are done for you!

1. Love Notes Guest Book

Instead of just a signature in a book, go home with a personalized note from each of your guests on our “share the love” note cards! Open the envelope every few years and reminisce on your wedding day through the eyes of your friends and family.

2. Photo Props

Have fun finding your picture perfect pose with these made from scratch photo props!

3. Initials Sign

You shouldn’t have to be an interior decorator for your wedding venue to feel personalized. We want every couple from Adam & Amy to Zelda & Zoe to feel like our space was made just for them.

4. Welcome Sign

So your guests know they’ve officially arrived to the party of the year!

5. Flag Favors

Making a souvenir for every single guest to go home with? Who has time for that?! Well we do. So let us do it for you. All your guests will surround you in a sea of “yays” and “woohoos” with their very own favor flag!

6. PB&J Bean Bag Toss

aka Corn Hole for us Midwesterners. These hand sewn bean bags make the perfect wedding game for couples who go together like peanut butter and jelly!

7. Drink Service

Our collection of venue specific drink dispensers and assorted cups are ready to serve our Vow Exchange homemade, seasonal, family friendly beverage!

8. Cake Topper

Want the “cherry on top” of your wedding cake? Just borrow the cake topper we DIY-ed for our chapels, ready for any couple wanting to add some shimmer to their cake.

Use of the above items is subject to venue, availability, and package selection

Feeling better now that your to do list is cut in half? Now go grab yourself a glass of wine, put on your comfy pants, and queue up episode 1 of the “I Do” Rescue podcast!