7 Alternative Wedding Registries For Unique Couples!

Wedding registries are just another thing on the long list of wedding traditions that no longer make sense for couples getting married in the 21st century. For starters, a lot of couples getting married today have already started building their lives together well before making it legally official. But besides that, there’s a multitude of reasons couples no longer want to walk around Bed, Bath and Beyond making a registry that has matching towels, plates, and silverware. We’re not the only ones who have noticed the trend of couples moving away from that kind of old school wish list. In fact, there have been several companies to embrace the trend and start offering new and improved wedding registries. We’ve rounded up 7 different alternative wedding registries that are perfect for the frugal, adventurous, artistic, generous, unique and/or quirky couple!

1. SimpleRegistry

SimpleRegistry is the futuristic way of doing a wedding registry. Instead of being stuck to just one store, you can build your dream registry including those off the shelf items from all your favorite places. But it doesn’t stop there because you can also add in things you can’t get off the shelf. So go ahead and register that special smoothie blender you’ve been wanting, and put it right next to a hot air balloon ride for two!

© SimpleRegistry LLC 2004-2019 All Rights Reserved ®

© SimpleRegistry LLC 2004-2019 All Rights Reserved ®

2. Honeyfund

It’s hard enough for couples to afford everything it costs to throw a wedding these days not even including a honeymoon. So why not forgo the gifts and instead, ask your guests to help send you on a trip you’ll never forget? If it were me, I’d do the 7 day cruise around the Hawaiian islands - an approximately $7k trip broken down into 120 affordable gifts!

© 2005-2019 Honeyfund.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2005-2019 Honeyfund.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

3. Etsy

Everyone knows Etsy, but did you know they have a wedding registry service?! Etsy is the perfect place to host your registry if you and your partner want your home filled with handmade goods rather than whatever is on the shelf at Target that season.

© 2019 Etsy, Inc.

© 2019 Etsy, Inc.

4. Blue Apron

While this one may not technically fall under “registry” it’s still a great alternative gift. If you don’t already know, Blue Apron is a home delivery service that brings a box of fresh ingredients that are ready to cook straight to your door. Lucky for newlyweds, Blue Apron offers two person meal plans that come with detailed cooking instructions so you can learn how to cook new dishes together. Skip the traditional registry and bon appetit with Blue Apron instead!

© Blue Apron All Rights Reserved

© Blue Apron All Rights Reserved

5. Facebook Fundraiser

Turn your wedding into a force for good by asking your guest to donate to your favorite charity. Make it easy for your guests to contribute and keep track of how much you raise by creating a Facebook Fundraiser.

Facebook © 2019

Facebook © 2019

6. ThirstyNest

I’m gonna let ThirstyNest introduce themselves: “We’re the only place on the interweb where you can select bottles and barware for your first home together all in one gift registry. Isn’t that so cute?”. We just love this one because, after all, a couple who drinks together, stays together!

© ThirstyNest All Rights Reserved

© ThirstyNest All Rights Reserved

7. Dominos Pizza

We saved the best for last! Yes, you can finally get hot, cheesy, melt in your mouth, dominos pizza as a WEDDING GIFT. In possibly the best PR move of all time, Domino’s Pizza announced they would be “the first registry for couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats.” Yum!

©2019 Domino’s IP Holder LLC.

©2019 Domino’s IP Holder LLC.

Have you used one of these non-traditional wedding registries? If so, leave your comment below! We would love to know if they are as awesome as they seem!

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7 Big Jobs For Little Kids On Wedding Day (Besides Flower Girl & Ring Bearer)

We’ve seen trends rise and fall over the years as we’ve facilitated over hundreds of weddings in the heart of the country. There is one specific trend that we’ve seen gain popularity at our small wedding chapels (and for good reason I might add). As the modern family has grown and evolved, so have traditional wedding roles. Today, couples are looking for ways to incorporate their kids in their wedding ceremony in more meaningful ways. And that is the kind of trend we can totally get behind!

To encourage this family focused trend, we’ve laid out 7 big jobs that are the perfect fit for your little helpers!

1. Guest Reading

What could be a better tribute than a passage read by your kid from a favorite book, or better yet, something they wrote straight from the heart.


2. Escort

Who better to walk you down the aisle than your mini me?

Anne Marie & John VX-81.jpg

3. Sand Ceremony Participant

Let your kiddo get creative with you and make an art piece that can be displayed in your home forever.


4. Dance Partner

Share a dance to your special song with your little super star!


5. Best Man or Maid of Honor

Any parent knows, your kid is your real BFF. And it only makes sense to make your BFF your Best Man (or Maid of Honor).


6. Flower Fairy

Contrary to a flower girl, a flower fairy passes out single stem flowers to guests of honor as she comes down the aisle.


7. Toast Giver

Pass the mic to the little girl with the big voice and your guests are guaranteed to tear up!


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Married AF: 10 Profane Wedding Day Etsy Finds!

Are you a potty-mouthed bride? Or are you a groom that’s known to drop a casual f-bomb here and there? It’s not uncommon for us to overhear a curse word or two inside the walls of our small town wedding venues. Here in Kansas City, it’s not terribly uncommon for grandpa to be the one using the dirty language.

If you have a foul-mouthed group, why not incorporate a little profanity into your wedding day? It can be a fun way to let everyone know you aren’t taking yourselves too seriously. We are all for tossing aside buttoned-up traditions and making weddings more down to earth. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 Etsy finds that are perfect for those brides or grooms with a heart of gold but the mouth of a sailor.

1. Getting Married T-Shirt

Wake up on your big day and throw on this perfectly planned tee. It’s unisex and looks great on brides & grooms alike!

2. Finally Ring Mug

Feel like you’ve been waiting forever to walk down the aisle? Now that the day is finally here, start it off right with some hot coffee in this adorable mug!

3. Girly Wine Glasses

Sippin’ mimosas with your girls on your big day is a must. Bring along these glasses as big day gifts for your best gal pals.

4. Something Blue Handkerchief

Keep this hanky close by for all the feels and as a not so subtle reminder to hold in the happy tears.

5. Guest Table Decor

Remind your messier guests to mind their manners with this cork table topper.

6. Just Got Real Cake Topper

Make all your guests laugh with this profane and to the point cake topper.

7. Venue Entrance Sign

Let your guests know they have officially arrived to the party of the year.

8. Ladylike Bracelet

Feeling fancy? Why not acknowledge it with this stylish statement bracelet.

9. Mrs. Bridal Jacket

This denim jacket would look adorable on any bride with a rebellious side.

10. Hangover Party Favors

Send your love ones on their way with the needed equipment to survive the next day!

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Old School Cool: Our 7 Favorite Vintage Accessories!

Blast from the past! We've spent the past 6 months designing and decorating our new venue, The Chapel at Heritage Hall. Inspired by the building's 1920's roots, we filled the space with vintage finds and art deco decor. With the 20's on our mind, we went back through and revisited some of of our favorite vintage accessories worn by our own Vow Exchange brides. We are obsessing over these and have a feeling you will too!

Are you prepping for your own big day? We took the liberty of finding similar but equally special items that you can buy straight on etsy!