Advice on How to Propose to Your Significant Other (From a Girl Who Was Just Proposed To)!

You know that feeling when you want to climb a skyscraper just so you can scream something for the whole world to hear? Well I have that feeling now. And what do I want to scream to the world?


But seriously, this is the best feeling ever. Someone I love just asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. You know how freaking crazy that is? He didn’t just take me out on the town and buy me a fancy dinner (which he did - but that’s not the point). My man looked me in the eye, got down on one knee, and asked “Will you marry me?”.

If there’s one thing I could tell any boy or girl stressing over how to propose to their significant other, it would be this. It’s not about the plans or circumstances around how you pop the question, it’s about the gesture of asking itself. Although it may seem old fashioned, I can attest to how special and loved it makes someone feel when they are asked the question of a lifetime. The romantic spot under the City Market lights and the heartfelt love letter was all icing on the cake. But the thing I couldn’t get over was the love I felt when I heard those four words.

I have been behind the scenes at hundreds of weddings through both The Vow Exchange & Merried for almost five years now. After all that time spent “behind the curtain”, I am so excited to finally be the one to walk down the aisle! Stay tuned as I continue to share my thoughts and feelings as we go down this crazy journey from ring to aisle!


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Now that I’m engaged it’s time to register! Join me in checking out 7 alternative wedding registries!

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Mary & Larry - 50 Years In The Making!

Scan 8.jpg

“Mary, can I get you somethin’?”

In the Mary & Larry Potts household, those words mean one thing - it’s time for happy hour. It’s that simple act of sharing a daily drink together that Vow Exchange Owner, Kathryn Hogan, believes is the secret to her parents loving 50 year long marriage. “It’s really not that complicated, they just enjoy each other’s company. They’re best friends”.

Isn’t that what we all hope for? A best friend to walk through the next 50 years of life with? Well Mary & Larry set out with that dream on October 19, 1968 and here they are, still attached at the hip, 50 years later.

So today we’re pouring a happy hour cocktail and looking back at the happy day when these lovebirds said yes to spending a lifetime together. Cheers to the life long newlyweds - to Mary & Larry Potts!

The Potts wedding album is filled with all the traditional moments doused in 1960’s flair. It opens with the time honored pinning of the boutonniere where we see our groom, Larry, dressed to the nines in his wedding day tux!


Meanwhile, Mary was putting on her garter with the help of her dolled up bridesmaids. Riddled with wedding day nerves, Mary clutched to her father’s arm as she made her way down the aisle to her soon to be husband.

Scan 14.jpg
Scan 6.jpg

The iconic shot of the classic church wedding scene is the perfect glimpse into the moment where the magic happened.

The newlyweds just couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they stopped for a second “first” kiss on their way back down the aisle. Clearly relieved from the wedding jitters, Mary beamed as they cut the cake, perfectly in sync, as husband and wife.

Scan 4.jpg

Larry’s best man, featured here giving the ceremonial toast, was almost certainly sharing a story from their younger years. You can almost hear Mary giggling as she looked at her new husband who was wearing his best “I can neither confirm nor deny” poker face.

Scan 11.jpg

After the toasts, their afternoon reception was complete with all the customs from the tossing of the bouquet to the throwing of the garter.

Scan 7.jpg

The Potts wedding album wouldn’t be complete without the traditional wedding ring shot. Side by side and hand in hand, these are the intimate moments that weddings are all about.

Scan 5.jpg

In all these photos the thing that stands out about Mary & Larry is how clearly you can see what great friends they are. Especially here as they sit together, not knowing what the next 50+ years would hold, but nonetheless staring into each others eyes with a confidence and excitement that oozes off the picture. That right there is the look of “we did it” and “here we go” all wrapped up in one. That is the look of a love that is built to last a lifetime.

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Thank You Vegas! - The Vow Renewal That Inspired The Vow Exchange

"Let's go back to Vegas for our 10th anniversary!" I said. Where we honeymooned 10 years earlier seemed to be the perfect setting to usher in our next 10 years. In addition we also decided to renew our wedding vows in America's capitol of Love. "It'll be fun!" I said as I researched the countless chapels settling on a ceremony under the iconic "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign. Complete with minister, photographer and flowers we had everything we needed for under $1000 to say "I Do" all over again. Little did I know how incredibly special this little fuss-free celebration would feel. A night for just us two, we had a celebration that was about each other and not about all sorts of fussy details. "Oh if only I lived in Vegas I would SO open my own chapel" I told Mel. And there folks is where the metaphoric light bulb above my head came alight. An idea long reserved for the city of luck and lights got a farm fresh face lift and found a new home here in our home town Kansas City. What started off as an evening to honor our 10 years of love and commitment to each other ended up a new tradition for celebrating love right here at home. Happy anniversary Kansas City!   - With Love, The Vow Exchange

Throwback Thursday: Honoring "The King" (AKA my husband)

A note from the owner of The Vow Exchange:
Today I honor my #1 supporter. He's my IT department, my maintenance man, my support group, my 2nd witness and my very own personal Elvis impersonator. My husband Mel, will do just about anything to help out at The Vow Exchange. From fixing my computer, to signing a marriage license when we need a 2nd witness and to boldly roam The Crossroads dressed as Elvis, Mel is the glue that holds The Vow Exchange (and me) together. Join me in a virtual high five as I honor my right hand man, my loving husband AKA "The King"!

Throwback Thursday: The love story that began it all.

We at The Vow Exchange are grateful for the many couples who entrust us with their special day. We are also grateful that so many couples find our venue and services so helpful. So today, we wanted to share the real inspiration behind The Vow Exchange in our newest blog category, Throwback Thursday! Where as the business idea originated from Las Vegas, the reason business owner Kathryn Hogan cares so much is in this very special photo. Taken on October 19, 1968, this wedding photo pictures Kathryn's parents who have been happily married for the past 46 years!

"They taught me the value of a wedding day. This is the day a couple's life begins. All their adventures, children, holidays, homes, dreams all begin with the wedding day. It is important this day be about the couple as they are the nexus of their life together, their love story. I am proud of the life my parents built. I am proud to be their daughter. I am proud to help other lovely couples too begin their great love story."

So there you have it folks. The love story that began it all. We want to know about the great love stories in your life! Use #lovestory and share with us the love stories that inspire you!