Thank You Vegas! - The Vow Renewal That Inspired The Vow Exchange

"Let's go back to Vegas for our 10th anniversary!" I said. Where we honeymooned 10 years earlier seemed to be the perfect setting to usher in our next 10 years. In addition we also decided to renew our wedding vows in America's capitol of Love. "It'll be fun!" I said as I researched the countless chapels settling on a ceremony under the iconic "Welcome To Las Vegas" sign. Complete with minister, photographer and flowers we had everything we needed for under $1000 to say "I Do" all over again. Little did I know how incredibly special this little fuss-free celebration would feel. A night for just us two, we had a celebration that was about each other and not about all sorts of fussy details. "Oh if only I lived in Vegas I would SO open my own chapel" I told Mel. And there folks is where the metaphoric light bulb above my head came alight. An idea long reserved for the city of luck and lights got a farm fresh face lift and found a new home here in our home town Kansas City. What started off as an evening to honor our 10 years of love and commitment to each other ended up a new tradition for celebrating love right here at home. Happy anniversary Kansas City!   - With Love, The Vow Exchange