Throwback Thursday: The love story that began it all.

We at The Vow Exchange are grateful for the many couples who entrust us with their special day. We are also grateful that so many couples find our venue and services so helpful. So today, we wanted to share the real inspiration behind The Vow Exchange in our newest blog category, Throwback Thursday! Where as the business idea originated from Las Vegas, the reason business owner Kathryn Hogan cares so much is in this very special photo. Taken on October 19, 1968, this wedding photo pictures Kathryn's parents who have been happily married for the past 46 years!

"They taught me the value of a wedding day. This is the day a couple's life begins. All their adventures, children, holidays, homes, dreams all begin with the wedding day. It is important this day be about the couple as they are the nexus of their life together, their love story. I am proud of the life my parents built. I am proud to be their daughter. I am proud to help other lovely couples too begin their great love story."

So there you have it folks. The love story that began it all. We want to know about the great love stories in your life! Use #lovestory and share with us the love stories that inspire you!