Wedding Flowers For Every Budget: Featuring DIY Bridal Bouquets!

Let’s talk about a common wedding budget breaker - flowers. As we’ve shared before, most couples in the U.S. spend a minimum of $700 on wedding flowers. But don’t let that number scare you off. Your wedding (and wedding budget) should reflect your priorities and passions as a couple.

So before determining your budget for blooms, let’s break down what there is to love about incorporating flowers in your wedding celebration. Everyone agrees, flowers can play a big part in adding color and a sense of both style and personality to your wedding. Some people want to bring their garden to their wedding, adding a little bit of nature’s beauty to what is ultimately a very human experience. Last, but for some most importantly, flowers are a big part of wedding tradition and can carry a lot of sentimental weight.

So in short, picking out your flowers can be a big part of your wedding planning process and will be different for each couple. To hopefully help open your mind to all the possibilities, we’ve compiled ideas on bridal bouquets for every budget. And when we say every budget, we mean EVERY budget.

DIY Bouquet - Craft Store Fake Silk Flowers (Est. $20-$50)

A quick Google Images search for “Hobby Lobby Challenge” will prove just how photogenic the fake flowers from your nearby craft store can be. Creating your own bouquet from scratch can be a little daunting, but the rewards can be immense. These craft stores give out coupons like hot cakes so you can easily get enough stems to make a full arrangement for just a few bucks. If you are blessed with a little bit of skill, some free time, and a lot of patience you should really consider this option.

DIY Bouquet - Market Flowers (EST. $30-$60+)

This one also requires time, patience, and a crafty hand but this budget option is the best bang for your buck if you’re the bride or groom wanting real fresh flowers at your wedding. Local farmers markets or health foods retailers like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer beautiful blooms year round at bargain prices. Just take a look at the incredible arrangement this bride DIY-ed using white stargazer lilies, spray roses, green mums, and purple peruvian lilies from Trader Joe’s for under $30.

Just for fun, here’s another Trader Joe’s handmade bouquet full of fresh fall foliage! This couple walked away with enough flowers to make this epic bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids’ posy bouquets, and a few extras that went in vases to decorate tables, all for just $88.

Grocery Store Florist Pre-Designed Bouquet (Est. $99-$200+)

Budget brides who know they want to walk down the aisle with a bouquet in hand, but aren’t particularly picky can save money by contacting their local chain grocery store florist. They will have some classic options that will still wow the crowd without breaking the bank. Sam’s Club even offers a pretty all white rose bridal bouquet that can be shipped directly to you for just $99.

The Vow Exchange “Ready-To-Go” Flower Arrangements ($250+)

We are deeming this one the best-of-both-worlds option. Stay in budget with these “ready-to-go” farm fresh flowers that are handcrafted by designer florists and made custom to your liking with your choice of one premium flower and two color selections. The Vow Exchange Couples Bouquet & Boutonniere set is the new affordable and stress-free option, racking in at just $250!

Florist Custom Design Bouquet ($250-The Skies the limit)

If not having your favorite flowers at your wedding would be like not having your favorite friends there, don’t hesitate to make your flowers a big piece of your budget! There are a million reasons to want to go all out on your bridal bouquet. I mean, you only get one! Most cities have amazing florists who will work one on one with brides to custom design and create their dream bridal bouquet. Here in Kansas City, we are proud to vouch for both The Vintage Petal and Hitched Floral + Planning. These florists have that special touch that can turn flowers into a full on work of art.

Listen to the girls on the “I Do Rescue” podcast continue to explore the role of flowers in weddings, and how they can enhance or detract from your celebration!