7 Big Jobs For Little Kids On Wedding Day (Besides Flower Girl & Ring Bearer)

We’ve seen trends rise and fall over the years as we’ve facilitated over hundreds of weddings in the heart of the country. There is one specific trend that we’ve seen gain popularity at our small wedding chapels (and for good reason I might add). As the modern family has grown and evolved, so have traditional wedding roles. Today, couples are looking for ways to incorporate their kids in their wedding ceremony in more meaningful ways. And that is the kind of trend we can totally get behind!

To encourage this family focused trend, we’ve laid out 7 big jobs that are the perfect fit for your little helpers!

1. Guest Reading

What could be a better tribute than a passage read by your kid from a favorite book, or better yet, something they wrote straight from the heart.


2. Escort

Who better to walk you down the aisle than your mini me?

Anne Marie & John VX-81.jpg

3. Sand Ceremony Participant

Let your kiddo get creative with you and make an art piece that can be displayed in your home forever.


4. Dance Partner

Share a dance to your special song with your little super star!


5. Best Man or Maid of Honor

Any parent knows, your kid is your real BFF. And it only makes sense to make your BFF your Best Man (or Maid of Honor).


6. Flower Fairy

Contrary to a flower girl, a flower fairy passes out single stem flowers to guests of honor as she comes down the aisle.


7. Toast Giver

Pass the mic to the little girl with the big voice and your guests are guaranteed to tear up!


Check out our pinterest board full of cute kids playing big roles on wedding day!