Our Kansas City Wedding Photographers Capture Brides Totally “Owning It” At The Vow Exchange!

Our Vow Exchange venues host the coolest brides in all of Kansas City every single weekend of the year. When we say coolest, we mean in every aspect, from their down-to-earth personalities to their confident sense of style. Our team of professional Kansas City photographers get the profound privilege of capturing our brides absolutely “owning it” on their wedding day. Whether it’s during a 30 minute mini ceremony or throughout an entire ceremony and reception event, our photographers find a way to capture our brides in a moment when they are calm, cool, and collected. They get all the perfectly posed pictures but they prioritize the ones that really showcase personality. It’s safe to say we have hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing photographs of cool Kansas City brides “owning it” in their very own way. Whether it’s in their eyes, their smile, or sometimes their hips, you can see these 10 brides are the very definition “owning it”. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Meet Kristin

Absolutely oozing in coolness, Kristin confidently strikes a pose (or two or three) with a hand on her hips and a smile on her face. She is rocking that red lipstick and updo like nobody’s business!

Meet Tatenda

Looking like she stepped off the red carpet and into our chapel, Tatenda is absolutely glowing in her glamorous gown! You would never guess that her ceremony and photography session was a “mini” lasting just 30 minutes. There are dozens of photos to choose from of this blushing bride and her movie star good looks!

Meet Josie

Don’t you just want to be her friend? Josie’s kind spirit, warm smile, and jovial attitude are so apparent in every picture she takes! Our photographer captured so many pictures of that signature contagious smile.

Meet Sophie

This vivacious bride could literally be featured in Merriam Webster's Dictionary under the phrase “owning it”. Sophie has the natural confidence of a young bride in love and it completely showed on her wedding day. We are so glad we were the ones to capture it!

Meet Melissa

Sweet Melissa is another bride absolutely oozing in confidence on her wedding day. Her high pony and cape-like wedding dress give her a wonder woman vibe and she completely OWNS. IT. The white curtains at The Chapel on the Corner accentuate her wedding gown and give the impression Melissa is owning the entire room.

Meet Mico

If you’re smiling it’s because the magical effect of the one and only Mico. This bride is mad confident and deservingly so! Just look at her! Her good looks are only over shined by her warm and loving personality.

Meet Lauren

This fierce and flawless bride totally “owned it” in the accessories department. She embraced her personal sense of style with a vintage-inspired tea length dress, fascinator, and the most gorgeous galaxy pendant necklace. #YouGoGirl

Meet Madeline

Madeline has the dramatic eye gaze on lock and I am loving it. She is definitively owning it in every sense of the phrase. This fierce bride is perfectly matched by her equally bold groom!

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl shows us how being a little playful brings out our natural beauty! Our photographer had the best time shooting this fun bride during her ceremony and reception and we still can’t stop gushing over that shiny silver dress and tiara-esque headband.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine is blessed with beauty, brains, and a bright personality so it’s no surprise she has a stunning confidence about her. But her real confidence shines as soon as her man walks in the room and stands by her side!



Meet more of our brides and see the magical moments from their evening weddings!

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Heroes in Love: 11 Comic Couples Walk Down the Aisle

Comic romances are a favorite of The Vow Exchange owner, Kathryn Hogan, who married comic artist, Melvin Hogan. Since marrying her comic hubby, she collects comic wedding issues and art work. “I find it so inspiring that no matter how big and powerful these characters are, their love for each other is even more powerful. Their wedding “portraits” literally make me ‘squee’!”

Comic books are such a centerpiece of Kathryn & Mel’s relationship that they co-create & publish their own comic “Luna”. They have been invited by Kansas City’s local comic cons to give panels on what it is like as a husband and wife team creating a comic book. “We have a fan base of folks who enjoy our comic and now what appears to be a sub-fan group of couples who are working to co-create comics of their own. It’s fun to create, but even more fun when creating with your better half by your side.”

Dive into the rabbit hole of comic book universes with us as we divulge our top 11 favorite comic book weddings! 

1. Spider-man & Mary Jane Watson

In The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 Mary Jane and Peter Parker finally tie the knot! The "Special Wedding Issue' came out in 1987 and was such a big deal they even had designer Willi Smith create her dress! Aunt May sweetly gives her blessing but reminds Peter to always save some love for her. Awe!

2. Superman & Lois Lane

The couple everyone knows and loves officially wed in 1996 with the debut of Superman: The Wedding Album. Batman even makes a brief appearance, offering an apartment to the soon-to-be newlyweds and gathering fellow superheroes to watch after Metropolis while the two honeymoon in Hawaii.

The couple kissed in print and on screen as the comic book release coincided with the wedding episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. 

3. Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

This powerful duo decided to exchange vows in New Avengers Annual # 1 which launched over a decade ago in June 2006. There are a lot of great moments during the long awaited wedding between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. For instance, their officiant looks to be the one and only Stan Lee! On top of that gem, Jessica decides on the spot to say her own vows, telling Luke how she loves watching him be a father. It's no surprise this issue is rightfully titled "Happily Ever After"!

4. Joker & Harley Quinn

This toxic relationship (both literally and figuratively) is a favorite among fans. Because villains need love too, right? Well in 2017's Harley Quinn Vol 3 #13, we see that love story fully evolve as Joker & Harley Quinn kiss at the alter, honeymoon in Europe, and raise four little ones. We even see Joker on his deathbed being comforted by Harley Quinn and exchanging one last "I love you". But alas, we soon find out this is just a dream in Joker's temporarily unconscious mind. 

5. Cyclops & Jean Grey

Cyclops & Jean Grey have a glamorous affair in the 1994 comic X-Men Vol 2 #30. Jean is decked out with an epic veil, full length mermaid gown, and long white gloves. Cyclops is looking suave himself as the couple embraces surrounded by abundant floral arrangements. Needless to say, this couple is on fire! 

6. Apollo & Midnighter

This super hero couple holds a special place in our hearts. Although there had been other LGBT superheroes previously, the July 2002 release of The Authority #29 marked the first gay marriage in a popular comic book. You can feel the love jumping off the page in this image as the minister declares "you may kiss the groom, boys"!

7. Black Canary & Green Arrow

The Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1, released in November 2007, is a star studded affair. The cover boasts "Everyone who's anyone in the DCU will be there!" and they live up to that promise. The Justice League of America come to congratulate the happy couple including Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman just to name a few. 

8. Black Panther & Storm

The wedding in Wakanda in 2006's Black Panther Volume 4: #18 is one for the ages. Oprah makes an appearance as a wedding guest and Prince even plays at their wedding reception! On a more serious note, it serves as a literal cease-fire during the otherwise intense civil war between the Avengers. Although only briefly, both Iron Man and Captain America show up in support of Black Panther & Storm. No surprise this super hero wedding packs a punch of drama. 

9. Bruce Banner & Betty Ross

Bruce & Betty get hitched in May 1986 in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #319. You may notice Betty's INCREDIBLE wedding gown. It was actually passed down through the family from her grandmother! Speaking of family, there is plenty of family drama at this superhero wedding. When asked if anyone objects to the marriage, Betty's father shows up waving a gun around and before he is contained, he manages to shoot Banner's best man. But don't worry! While bleeding on the ground, his best man insists the wedding goes on as he can't bare to be the reason the two aren't officially wed. So the ceremony resumes and ends with a kiss!

10. Batman & Catwoman

Batman Vol 3 #50 came out recently - on July 4th, 2018 to be specific - so if you don't want spoilers scroll down NOW! We couldn't help but include the highly anticipated union of Batman & Catwoman on our favorites list, however it must be stated that the two didn't actually make it down the aisle. But don't be sad! This story is truly a testament to their eternal love. Catwoman knew that her love for Batman was so strong she couldn't selfishly become his wife because she believed it would ultimately lead to the hero's downfall. We will keep dreaming about this couple getting hitched one day, but for now we are just thrilled we got to see Catwoman in that gorgeous wedding gown!

11. Reed Richards & Sue Storm

Saving the best for last? That's what happened in Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #3. Even though the wedding is teased on the cover, the actual ceremony doesn't happen until the very end after several duels between heroes and villains. You can tell this issue was published in 1965 with lines such as "far out" from wedding guest, The Human Torch. Things go meta during the reception as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby try to crash the party but aren't allowed in without an invite!

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2018 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1938-2018 DC Comics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The Best Day of The Year: Modern Twists on Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Happy Anniversary...to us! It's hard to believe but the Vow Exchange is officially 5 years old! One of the best things about being around for 5 years has been seeing all of our wonderful couples celebrate their own anniversaries. Whether it's your first anniversary and you're busting that wedding cake out of the freezer or it's your fifth anniversary and you want to celebrate conquering half a decade together - we've got the perfect gift ideas for you!

According to the one and only Martha Stewart, no one knows for sure who came up with the accepted list of themed gifts for each wedding anniversary, but it's a tradition that's been around for over a century! Although some of the themes may seem a little out-dated, we found modern gift ideas that celebrate the grand tradition but in a way that makes sense for the 21st century! 




There's a lot of pressure to get the 1st anniversary gift just right. Absolutely "wow" your spouse with a personalized book expressing all the reasons you two were meant to be!

YEAR 2: Cotton


Swell Forever Blanket

Snuggle up with your sweetheart in a cozy cotton blanket with a personalized tag memorializing your love forever.



Real Leather Wedding Date Key Chains

This set comes with one for your honey and one to keep for yourself! These real leather keychains are a constant reminder of the vows your took 3 years ago and of the life you've built together since.



Bridal Bouquet Embroidery

There is some debate on whether the 4th anniversary gift is supposed to be flowers or linen. So why not get a gift that covers both?! Just send a picture of the bridal bouquet from your big day and Miss Konvalia will hand embroider a replica that makes the most sentimental keepsake ever!



Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set

Couples who cook together stay together! There are a lot of extravagant things you can buy for a 5th year anniversary gift. But here in Kansas City, grabbing a couple of beers and gathering around some BBQ is just about the best way you can celebrate!

This One Takes The Cake: Top 10 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers (Featuring DIY, Monogram, Rustic, Funny, and Disney Themed Toppers)

I think we can all admit we’ve shown up to a wedding and immediately scoped out the room to find the cake. I mean, a wedding invitation is basically a ticket for free cake! These Vow Exchange couples knew exactly that, which is why they decided to add an extra touch to their multi-tiered confection! Some couples kept it classy, while others went a little crazy, but they all chose cake toppers that reflected their new marriage - which is exactly why they made our “top 10 toppers” list!

1. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

2. I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs.

3. Little Lovebirds

4. Rose Gold Glimmer

5. Dr. Who Fanatics

6. Mr. & Mrs. P

7. Jurassic Love

8. Enchanted Rose

9. Lucky in Love

10. Furbies Forever


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KC Crossroads Arts District: Our Top 21 Street Art Wedding Portraits

Just about 5 years ago we blew out our candles, packed up our altar, and moved our small wedding venue to the very heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District! It only made sense that our chapel, owned and operated by Kansas City Art Institute grads, would find its home in the center of the KC art world! Immediately, our team of wedding photographers took to the streets to find the most vibrant portrait spots in the neighborhood and let me tell you, it did not take long.

With graffiti, murals, and street art galore, we are lucky to find ourselves in a city full of color! To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of our favorite colorful spots in the crossroads with our roundup of top 21 street art wedding portraits!


If you thought Constance & Carissa looked adorable, just wait until you see them dancing down our aisle as newlyweds!


Top 30 Wedding Dress Trains Worn by Kansas City Brides

We love wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes, but when we see a gown with a long cathedral train we get giddy like a little girl on Christmas! We just get swept up by the drama and romance of a dress train that goes on for days. You’ll understand the feeling once you’ve seen our 30 favorite fluffy, sparkly, and lacy dress trains - all worn by our gorgeous Vow Exchange brides right here in Kansas City. Fun fact, some of the most epic dress trains were worn for mini (30 minute) courthouse style ceremonies in our small wedding venue. One thing is for sure, whether you’re a fan of a delicate sweep train or you fancy a striking elongated train, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with more than one of our top 30 picks!

30 more! This time it’s our top 30 newlywed portraits - and they are seriously drool worthy!


TV "I Do"s: Our 12 Favorite Sitcom Weddings!

It should come as no surprise that some of our favorite episodes of television revolve around weddings! And no one does a TV wedding like network television. There’s nothing better than watching your favorite couple after years of “will they or won’t they” moments, finally come together and declare their love for each other. Only after overcoming complete chaos thrown their way by friends and family. So grab some popcorn and a box of tissues because we’re sharing some of our favorite sitcom weddings and highlighting the moments that had us laughing through the tears. So without further ado, here’s our 12 favorite sitcom weddings!

#12 Mitch & Cameron - Modern Family

“The Wedding Part 1 & 2”

The historic wedding of Mitch & Cameron was a fiery affair. Literally, the event had to be evacuated due to a wildfire. Even after a change of venue, the bad omens continued until the pair announce they are calling off the wedding. Jay agrees they should, but only because he believes they deserve the wedding they’ve been waiting so long for - and he wants to help make it happen. Cut to an incredibly heartfelt ceremony at Jay’s country club involving the entire teary eyed family! We nearly lost it when Jay (hinting that he wants to escort Mitch down the aisle) says, “Actually, I thought you and I should take a little walk”.

Modern Family (2009-) © 2014 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Modern Family (2009-) © 2014 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

#11 Bernadette & Howard - The Big Bang Theory

“The Countdown Reflection”

Sitcoms are known for having impromptu weddings and Bernadette & Howard’s wedding definitely falls in that category. The couple decides they want to be married just two days before Howard leaves for his scheduled launch into space where he will work on the ISS. After a failed attempt at a courthouse marriage, the gang throws together a ceremony on the roof, to be captured by the passing Google Maps satellite.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

#10 Topanga & Cory - Boy Meets World

“It’s About Time”

Cory and Topanga may be the youngest couple on our list, but fans knew from the first episode that these two were destined to be Mr. & Mrs. Matthews. A fact that Cory alludes to in his vows: "Ever since I was young, I never really understood anything about the world and I never understood anything that happened in my life. The only thing that ever made sense to me was you ... and how I felt about you. That’s all I’ve ever known, and that’s enough. That’s enough for me for the rest of my life, Topanga." Are you crying yet? Cause we sure are.

Boy Meets World (1993-2000) © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Boy Meets World (1993-2000) © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

#9 Becky & Jesse - Full House

“The Wedding Part 1 & 2”

A lot of television weddings go off the rails, but that is almost an understatement for Jesse and Becky’s wedding. Let’s just say Becky is a very forgiving bride. Adrenaline junkie Jesse goes from getting stuck in a tree after sky diving to getting stuck behind bars in jail. After explaining himself, Becky bails Jesse out and the couple finally makes it to the church by hitching a ride with a choir bus. In a touching ceremony, Jesse steals the moment and Becky’s heart by singing his song for her. And if you didn’t already have a crush on John Stamos you will now.

Full House (1987-1995) © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Full House (1987-1995) © American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

#8 Liz & Criss - 30 Rock

“Mazel Tov, Dummies!”

Anxious to adopt and start a family of their own, Criss Chros takes Liz Lemon’s hand in marriage. This episode once again proves that Liz Lemon is our spirit animal as she chooses to say “I do” in her Leia dress, exclaiming “I’m a princess!”.

30 Rock (2006-2013) © National Broadcasting Company

30 Rock (2006-2013) © National Broadcasting Company

#7 Cece & Schmidt - New Girl

“Landing Gear”

As with so many TV weddings, the groom is missing for much of the episode. In this case it’s for good reason, as Schmidt spends his day tracking down Cece’s mom in an atempt to get her to come to the less than traditional ceremony. As luck would have it, Schmidt gets stuck on the airport tarmac thus missing the entire wedding ceremony and reception. So the roommates/best friends throw together an intimate perfect-for-cece-and-schmidt ceremony in the couples’ former home and the group’s number one hangout, the loft.

New GIrl (2011-2018) © Fox Broadcasting Company

New GIrl (2011-2018) © Fox Broadcasting Company

#6 Monica & Chandler - Friends

“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding Part 1 & 2”

In true Chandler fashion, Chandler gets cold feet and runs away just hours before the ceremony. The friends scramble to find him while keeping Monica from finding out he went missing. But as always, Chandler comes to his senses and realizes Monica has always been the one for him. And as destiny would have it, the episode concludes with the two happily at the altar with Joey pronouncing them husband and wife.

Friends (1994-2004) © NBC Universal, Inc.

Friends (1994-2004) © NBC Universal, Inc.

#5 Lily & Marshall - How I Met Your Mother

“Something Borrowed”

Lily and Marshall’s wedding episode has all the components that make a great TV wedding. The day starts out with one thing going wrong (an ex boyfriend showing up) and suddenly a domino effect unfolds as the music, flowers, and photography all get ruined by one thing or another. But the day is saved when Ted suggests Lily and Marshall focus on having the wedding they really want - a small ceremony in the park. So our favorite gang heads outside where Lily and Marshall are married by Barney in front of their two witnesses, Ted and Robin.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

#4 Barney & Robin - How I Met Your Mother

“The End of the Aisle”

How I Met Your Mother spends most of season 9 leading up to the wedding of Barney and Robin and it finally pays off with a episode that gives us not one wedding but two! Barney and Robin spend their wedding day contemplating their feelings and impending marriage. Barney, feeling anxious, accuses Lily and Marshall of breaking several of the vows they made on their wedding day. Clearly shaken, they take a moment to reflect and decide to renew their vows (and there we get wedding #1 of the episode). Barney, within earshot, hears Lily and Marshall promise to keep updating their vows as they grow and change. He is calmed as he realizes that is what matters in a marriage and he goes to find Robin. Promising to always stay honest with each other, the couple has a flawless ceremony and are pronounced husband and wife!

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) © CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

#3 April & Andy - Parks and Recreation

“Andy and April's Fancy Party”

Andy and April had the wedding of their dreams - in their living room. We are a huge fan of their low key impromptu wedding and really, what could be more fitting for these two? April sums up her feelings for Andy perfectly in her vows saying, “I guess I kind of hate most things. But I never really seem to hate you. So I want to spend the rest of my life with you, is that cool?”

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) © NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) © NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

#2 Leslie & Ben - Parks and Recreation

“Leslie and Ben”

Two seasons later, Leslie and Ben decide to have an impromptu wedding of their own. Eager to become husband and wife, Leslie and Ben take on planning an entire wedding in just two hours. When things inevitably go off the rails, Leslie decides to call it off and go back to their plan A wedding, still a few months away. But the employees of the Parks and Recreation department won’t let Leslie down. They come together to surprise her with a beautiful elopement right in the middle of the office.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) © NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) © NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

#1 Pam & Jim - The Office

“Niagara: Part 1 & 2 “

The long awaited wedding of Jim and Pam had everything a fan could ask for: annoying Dwight shenanigans, embarrassing public speeches from Michael, and a smile straight to the camera from Jim. The best part of this two part episode? Jim and Pam sneaking away to a private ceremony on a boat directly under Niagara Falls while the commotion at the church continues with everyone wondering where they ran off to. And who could forget the epic coordinated dance down the aisle from all the members of the office? That is what seals this TV wedding as #1 on our list!

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

The Office (2005-2013) © NBC Universal, Inc.

All images are subject to the listed copyright. All rights reserved. Special thanks to Fandom for helping us remember some of the sweetest moments from these wedding episodes!

The only thing better than a TV wedding is a comic book wedding!