How-To Thank You: 9 Etsy Wedding Favor Finds!

The people who gather around to join in on your ultimate celebration, aka your wedding day, are the people that will always mean the most to you. Sometimes it’s hard to say just how grateful you feel for the presence of those friends and family. So don’t just say it, show it!

We’ve found some of the cutest wedding party favors that perfectly say “thank you, thank you, thank you!”. Nine to be exact! And the best part is all of them come straight from Etsy so there’s little to no DIY steps. They come ready (or almost ready) for gifting with slim to none chances of stress!

1. Customized Candles

Send your guests home with a sweet scented candle that will bring back memories of that special day whenever they light it!


2. Wildflower Seeds

Spread the love with these wildflower seeds in personalized pouches. Send your guests home with blooms that will make them smile every spring!

3. Key Bottle Opener

Your guests are the key to your big day. Show them how much you appreciate them being there with a key that will always be there for them - to open their drinks!

4. Recovery Kit

Fill these adorable canvas bags with goodies like advil, tums, bottled water, candy, and anything else you crave when hungover. Thank your guests with this gift tonight and they’ll be thanking YOU tomorrow.

5. Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with customizable stickers so you can make them your own! Perfect for star studded couples wanting to say thanks to their guests.

6. Liquor Labels

Buying someone a shot is a time honored way of saying “thank you”. Embrace the tradition with these wedding branded shot bottle labels!

7. Playing Cards

Give your Ace a full deck, straight from the King & Queen of Hearts with these personalized playing cards.

8. Koozies

Make every guests' drink festive with these wedding koozies and send them home with a souvenir they’ll use year after year!

9. Scratch Cards

You were lucky in love, so try passing on some of that luck to your guests with these personalized scratch card holders!

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