Our Kansas City Wedding Photographers Capture Brides Totally “Owning It” At The Vow Exchange!

Our Vow Exchange venues host the coolest brides in all of Kansas City every single weekend of the year. When we say coolest, we mean in every aspect, from their down-to-earth personalities to their confident sense of style. Our team of professional Kansas City photographers get the profound privilege of capturing our brides absolutely “owning it” on their wedding day. Whether it’s during a 30 minute mini ceremony or throughout an entire ceremony and reception event, our photographers find a way to capture our brides in a moment when they are calm, cool, and collected. They get all the perfectly posed pictures but they prioritize the ones that really showcase personality. It’s safe to say we have hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing photographs of cool Kansas City brides “owning it” in their very own way. Whether it’s in their eyes, their smile, or sometimes their hips, you can see these 10 brides are the very definition “owning it”. We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Meet Kristin

Absolutely oozing in coolness, Kristin confidently strikes a pose (or two or three) with a hand on her hips and a smile on her face. She is rocking that red lipstick and updo like nobody’s business!

Meet Tatenda

Looking like she stepped off the red carpet and into our chapel, Tatenda is absolutely glowing in her glamorous gown! You would never guess that her ceremony and photography session was a “mini” lasting just 30 minutes. There are dozens of photos to choose from of this blushing bride and her movie star good looks!

Meet Josie

Don’t you just want to be her friend? Josie’s kind spirit, warm smile, and jovial attitude are so apparent in every picture she takes! Our photographer captured so many pictures of that signature contagious smile.

Meet Sophie

This vivacious bride could literally be featured in Merriam Webster's Dictionary under the phrase “owning it”. Sophie has the natural confidence of a young bride in love and it completely showed on her wedding day. We are so glad we were the ones to capture it!

Meet Melissa

Sweet Melissa is another bride absolutely oozing in confidence on her wedding day. Her high pony and cape-like wedding dress give her a wonder woman vibe and she completely OWNS. IT. The white curtains at The Chapel on the Corner accentuate her wedding gown and give the impression Melissa is owning the entire room.

Meet Mico

If you’re smiling it’s because the magical effect of the one and only Mico. This bride is mad confident and deservingly so! Just look at her! Her good looks are only over shined by her warm and loving personality.

Meet Lauren

This fierce and flawless bride totally “owned it” in the accessories department. She embraced her personal sense of style with a vintage-inspired tea length dress, fascinator, and the most gorgeous galaxy pendant necklace. #YouGoGirl

Meet Madeline

Madeline has the dramatic eye gaze on lock and I am loving it. She is definitively owning it in every sense of the phrase. This fierce bride is perfectly matched by her equally bold groom!

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl shows us how being a little playful brings out our natural beauty! Our photographer had the best time shooting this fun bride during her ceremony and reception and we still can’t stop gushing over that shiny silver dress and tiara-esque headband.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine is blessed with beauty, brains, and a bright personality so it’s no surprise she has a stunning confidence about her. But her real confidence shines as soon as her man walks in the room and stands by her side!



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