Top 30 Wedding Dress Trains Worn by Kansas City Brides

We love wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes, but when we see a gown with a long cathedral train we get giddy like a little girl on Christmas! We just get swept up by the drama and romance of a dress train that goes on for days. You’ll understand the feeling once you’ve seen our 30 favorite fluffy, sparkly, and lacy dress trains - all worn by our gorgeous Vow Exchange brides right here in Kansas City. Fun fact, some of the most epic dress trains were worn for mini (30 minute) courthouse style ceremonies in our small wedding venue. One thing is for sure, whether you’re a fan of a delicate sweep train or you fancy a striking elongated train, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with more than one of our top 30 picks!

30 more! This time it’s our top 30 newlywed portraits - and they are seriously drool worthy!