Bottles & Bites Breakdown - Easy Wedding Receptions in Kansas City

Let’s talk about everyone’s wedding day favorites, or as we like to call them, the 3 B’s. The buffet, the booze, and the bakes. We happen to know our way around a good buffet and we have had our fair share of experiences with a tasty beer or two. Cake holds a special place in our hearts from years of licking buttercream off the spatula and birthdays spent putting candles on top of the Betty Crocker box cake. We wanted to take those years of experience with our favorite treats and build the best party possible, fit for Kansas City’s modern engaged couple and our small and cozy wedding chapels. A few years later and our Bottles & Bites packages have been the perfect fit for so many couples wanting a truly joyous & stress free celebration for them and their “biggest fans”.

Today we’re breaking down the Bottles & Bites package and showcasing the best and most drool worthy from the three B’s. Because these reception confections deserve a celebration of their own!

The Buffet

We've perfected the menu now you choose the main course from our can't-go-wrong list.

We have years of experience in food. Especially in eating food. But also in cooking, catering, and menu design. That’s why we designed the Bottles & Bites catering package for munching and mingling whether seated at one of our tables or standing with friends & family. Think “fine dining served food truck style”. From the creamy artichoke dip to the Mediterranean style roasted veggie platter, there’s guaranteed favorites for everyone. With food this good and serving sizes fit to satisfy the heartiest of eaters, your guests are guaranteed to have full hearts and full bellies.

The Booze

Pick between household names and hometown favorites!

We know the key to throwing a good party resides at the bar. Our friendly in-house bartender will stock up the bar with vintage bottled sodas, white wine, red wine and your favorite beers from our list including all the greatest hits. The generously stocked bar means no extra fees even for those who consume a “little extra”. We know no wedding celebration would be complete with out a little bubbly. Which is why this package option also includes enough champagne to share across a toast or two. Cheers to that!


The Bakes

Have your cake and eat it too!

We’re crazy for cake so we were picky when it came to finding the right baker, but we found the best one in the city. The bottles and bites package includes a 3 tiered cake to satisfy the sweet tooth of all 50 of your guests. Choose to stand out with a bright gold buttercream frosting or stick with a classy white on white look. The top and bottom tiers are classic vanilla to please any crowd and the middle tier is reserved for your favorite flavor from our list featuring a melt in your mouth red velvet and a sweet but slightly sour lemon among others. After the newlyweds cut the cake, the hosts will finish up serving the rest. But don’t fret, you’ll go home with any leftovers in addition to your top-tier saved specially for your first anniversary.

Don't need a full reception but still want to cut the cake? Add on a mini cake custom to your liking!

Hungry yet? Taste these must have eats and treats for yourself! Learn more about our all-inclusive Bottles & Bites packages by clicking below.

Peek in on a Melanie & David’s Bottles & Bites celebration!


Build-A-Bouquet: Summertime Edition

Sweet sweet summertime! When the sun is out, the skies are blue, and the flowers are in full bloom! It's no wonder why our Vow Exchange partner florists particularly love this season. With so many fun flowers to choose from, our florist friends get to flex their creative muscles, building some of the most beautiful floral arrangements the Midwest has to offer! 

As a Vow Exchange bride or groom, you get to join in on the fun! Our "Everything" packages come with a farm fresh, hand tied bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere. We will walk you through the customization process where you get to choose a premium flower from our seasonal list and up to 2 color preferences. Have fun playing around with all the possibilities and when you settle on your favorite, you can trust that our floral experts will create the wedding flowers of your dreams!  

Here are just a few of our favorite summertime "dream come true" bouquets & boutonnieres!

Can't get enough? Click below to see the 10 springtime bouquets we deemed best!


Getting married on a budget is no small feat. With the average wedding costing around $32K, breaking the budget is almost inevitable with all those little details that just simply add up. Which is why our events are designed to include many of those budget busters already built into your experience. At The Vow Exchange, you will never need to purchase a single candle, or rent a single chair. There are no set up or clean up fees, nor any need to purchase or create one-time-use decor. With so many of those small details already taken care of, it is easy to stay on budget with your wedding at The Vow Exchange.

Check out our list below on the top 8 items that become budget-friendly with a wedding at The Vow Exchange!

#1 Rentals & Decor

So many couples today spend dozens of hours on pinterest struggling to DIY an entire wedding venue's worth of pricey decorations that will end up either in the trash or in their basement collecting dust for years. At The Vow Exchange, we not only found the coolest and coziest spaces to house our little chapels, we also invest in hand crafted decor and antique finds to create spaces that feel just as special and unique as you are.

The Vow Exchange Chapel, located in the heart of the crossroads art district, has ample candlelight, floral decor, and a 100+ year old barn wood backdrop providing a warm yet modern setting for the Midwest couple. 

The Chapel at Heritage Hall, located on the downtown square in Liberty, is adorned with floor to ceiling sheer drapery, vintage chandelier & skyscraper fixtures, copper accents, swags of eucalyptus & candle decor throughout. 

#2 Event Planning Services and Day-of Coordination

The average couple spends $950 - $2,500 on a wedding planner alone. At the Vow Exchange, all of our packages (except the Chapel Rental only) are built to include both a pre-event coordinator and at least one day-of coordinator. Our SUPER SIMPLE event planning process is designed for today’s busy brides and grooms making the wedding planning process ridiculously easy. On your wedding day, the day-of coordinator will coordinate the entire event and will be there for your every need so you can sit back and enjoy your day with your closest loved ones!


#3 The Officiant

We have a dream team of the finest officiants KC has to offer! According to Wedding Wire, officiating fees can range drastically, from below $100 all the way to $650+. At The Vow Exchange, you can skip that awkward negotiating as our officiant fees are already included in the package price! All ceremony customization is coordinated with your pre-event coordinator so there is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with your Vow Exchange officiant prior to wedding day!

#4 Guest Book & Party Favors

The nickels & dimes add up fast when it comes to the little things. So we created the perfect "bang for your buck" wedding keepsakes for all of our packages (except the Chapel Rental only). Instead of a book where guests simply write their names, we encourage everyone to leave a little note for the happy couple. Whether it be a piece of advice or a few words of love, we know these are the things you'll want to read over and over again in the years to come. Additionally, your guests deserve a little souvenir to remember the special day too! That is why each of your guests gets a "Woo Hoo!" or "Yay!" flag to wave during the "I do's" and to keep as a memento. 

#5 Flowers

Most couples spend a minimum of $700 on wedding flowers which can take up a good chunk of your wedding budget. But that doesn't mean you have to skimp and miss out on luscious, fresh flowers! At The Vow Exchange, we work with two expert florists who design and create all of our bouquets and boutonnieres. Which means we can offer you unique, hand tied, fresh flower bouquets at the best price possible. Best of all, we have perfected the customization process so making your dream bouquet is easy, affordable, and fun! You can even add on coordinating flowers for your wedding party! 

#6 Photography

Wedding photography can often break the bank with prices ranging up to $4500 and more. However, it is one thing you really shouldn't skimp on! We understand this better than anyone which is why we offer our professional photography in a budget friendly way. Whether you're having a 30 minute mini ceremony or a full 4.5 hour Bottles & Bites reception, we offer the same professional grade photography at a price that makes sense for your budget. Additionally, instead of paying up front for a set number of photos, our packages include digital copies of every single photograph taken so you don't have any extra costs later down the line. Also, our amazing team of photographers know our venues and our neighborhoods like the back of their hands - guaranteeing you get the best shots in the coolest places!

#7 DJ

Most couples spend between $750 - $1,400 on a DJ. At The Vow Exchange, the cost is $0! Our chapels are intimate in nature with 12-14 foot tall ceilings offering the BEST acoustics. Hoping to share a special dance or two with those you love to songs you love? For couples with a reception package, our planner will queue any special song or songs for a special dance as well as play mood setting tunes for your party. So whether you want a more mellow celebration with classic crooner tunes or you want to boogie all night long, we've got the jams for you. 

#8 Wedding Cake & Cake Service

Get this. The national average wedding cake cost is $500 and that doesn't even include cutting and serving! At The Vow Exchange, not only do our reception packages include a GORGEOUS cake that you get to cut together and smash into your new spouses' face, you also get to keep the top tier that we box up for you for your 1 year anniversary. Additionally, your coordinator will cut and serve the rest to all your sweet tooth guests. 

#9 Catering & Bar

The biggest budget breaker has to go to food & booze with most couples spending between $1,800 - $7,000. The Vow Exchange Bottles & Bites package comes with enough food to satisfy the heartiest of eaters and a generously stocked bar for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. We also provide all plates, napkins and serving utensils on a beautifully arranged buffet table. You never have to estimate how much your guests might consume. We guarantee there is no running out and no fees for those who consume a “little extra”. So you can sit back, chow down, and say cheers with all your friends and family. 

So there you have it folks, the best budget wedding in all of KC! Click below to browse our package offerings and find the perfect date to celebrate your big day at The Vow Exchange!

Kansas City’s Top Wedding Planners Give Local Couples Their Perfect “We did it!“ Moment

This moment, your first steps taken as a couple back up the aisle and into the adventure you are beginning together, is the moment The Vow Exchange has orchestrated just for you. The dramatic setting captured behind you. The beautiful flowers in hand and on lapel. The look of joy after sharing your vows during the ceremony we composed for you. But mostly, the feeling of relief as you realize you just escaped months worth of stress, planning and overspending. This is the moment you take your love's hand as your hearts overflow with the feeling that can only be described as "We did it!" 

The Chapel on The Corner: The Making of a Wedding Chapel

Back in October 2017, the team at The Vow Exchange Events broke ground on a new wedding chapel! The beautiful corner spot in the Historic Heritage Hall building was once a Mexican Restaurant in it’s former life. At the time it was perhaps the furthest thing from a wedding chapel, but we could immediately see the potential with its wall to wall 12 foot arched windows and it's 1920's vintage roots.

Roughly 6 months later, we opened our doors and wed the sweetest couple! See images of the journey we took by checking out some of our favorite before and after pics below.

You will be blown away by our HGTV style make over! 

CLICK HERE: to come see the venue for yourself at one of our upcoming open houses! 


Ahhh! Megan and Jeff! These two sweeties joined us last April and let us create a wonderful wedding for them so they could just kick back and be in love. Sounds impossible, but it's not! We have heard many stories about couples who have had it with the ordeal of wedding planning. Our Bottles & Bites Receptions include the ceremony, cake, champagne toasts, beer and wine bar, first dances, and cocktail party buffet. We can even add on flowers and photography to complete the party. We will take care of every little thing so you can just relax, focus on your loved ones, and have the best day ever!

See all about the Bottles & Bites package here: 

Where to begin! Our wedding in April couldn’t have been more perfect. From day one Amy was helpful, quick to respond and eager to help with any of our needs. The Vow Exchange is the only way to do a wedding in my opinion. From the officiant, ceremony, food, drinks, cake, photography, music and ambiance. This place does it all. We could’t be more happy with our special day and you seriously CAN’T beat the price, especially for the services you receive.
— Megan M. Shawnee, KS : via YELP


More Space, More Room to #ExchangeLove

After three years of seeing couples into wedded bliss at The Vow Exchange in the Crossroads, it is time for a refresh. Excitedly, The Vow Exchange Crossroads venue will be getting a small design update, mainly minor adjustments to some of our furniture and space configuration, effective December 1, 2017.

Couples might remember seeing a table with miscellaneous decor, as well as the legacy table, sometimes filled with photos and wedding mementos in honor of owner, Kathryn Hogan’s parents and grandparents and other times filled with personal memories for couples.  Now, those pieces have been replaced and what is the result? More seating for wedding guests!  “Through our four years, the one request unanimously made by our couples has been for additional seating. This update will allow our couples to invite up to 50 seated guests, 12 more seats than we can currently accommodate,” Hogan emphasizes.

This change was just one piece of feedback from couples who walked into forever at The Vow Exchange.  Hogan also adds, “We will be creating a super cute photo backdrop wall for even more places in our venue to capture your day. We think couples are going to really love the update.”

These updates will be available at The Vow Exchange as of December 1, 2017.  

Main seating: The legacy table and buffet are removed for space for almost double the number of seats up front.

Main seating: The legacy table and buffet are removed for space for almost double the number of seats up front.

In place of the entry table with miscellaneous decor, couples will enjoy a fun, elegant and welcoming wall perfect for a photo backdrop.

In place of the entry table with miscellaneous decor, couples will enjoy a fun, elegant and welcoming wall perfect for a photo backdrop.

A pair of console tables with customized couple’s initials frame the entrance from the bridal lounge creating a perfect place to sign the marriage license, display personal photos & cut the cake (if included).

A pair of console tables with customized couple’s initials frame the entrance from the bridal lounge creating a perfect place to sign the marriage license, display personal photos & cut the cake (if included).

4 New additions to The Vow Exchange this fall!

Eeeeeee! We can hardly stand the excitement! It's that time of year when our most beloved brands are unveiling their newest products in time for the big Holiday rush, and The Vow Exchange is no exception! We have been working hard to bring you some of the most exciting changes to our offerings since we first opened. Our customers spoke, and we listened. Behold the top 4 new changes at The Vow Exchange!


Starting this September we will be offering WALK-IN-WEDDINGS! We get it. You are the couple who has been planning on making it official all along, but have no real desire to do the whole wedding thing. Or perhaps you are the military couple who needs your marriage to be official before the next big assignment. We hear you LOUD & CLEAR. Introducing WALK-IN-WEDDINGS! Offered every Friday from noon to 3pm, couples can grab a 15 minute spot and show up with their Missouri State marriage license for a short & sweet ceremony. Reserve your spot online or simply just show up to put your name on the list. Like Apple's Genius Bar, the simplicity of this wedding event offered at only $200 is just that...PURE GENIUS.



Sooooo this is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Kansas City weddings since Hallmark's Don Hall married his beloved Adele. 100% made in Kansas City, the items in this one-of-a-kind box can not be found anywhere but here. Each of the 4 items in the box are custom designed by or in collaboration with Kansas City artists and makers. In this box you will find:

1)  "Yes! A thousand times yes!" birch ring box
2) "Lucky Us" wooden cake topper cake pick
3) "By Your Side" Bride's escort lapel pin
4) "Drunk in Love" champagne flutes

Check out WWW.SUITEHEARTSHOP.COM to learn more about this curated collection of "must haves" for your wedding!


So you are the couple who wants a simple ceremony BUT you want to capture that iconic moment when you feed each other cake while the photographer is on the clock. Introducing THE MINI CAKE! This simple cake offers our couples a mini cake to cut while also offering mini cupcakes to share with your guests. Easy Peasy. But wait! That's not all! This package option also includes our signature "Big Moments" Suite Heart Shop Box (ahem listed above). I mean are you kidding me? It's almost too good to be true... but it's not!



Again KC, you spoke and we listened. So you know that feeling like the ceremony is all taken care of (because why? oh yeah The Vow Exchange of course), but you still have that super stressed out feeling because you still need to plan some sort of after celebration? So um yeah, we do that now. YOU GOT IT! WE. DO. THAT. NOW!! Introducing your wedding-dream-come-true BOTTLES & BITES RECEPTION PACKAGE! So this sucker has EVERYTHING. In addition to that super beautiful and super easy wedding ceremony, your helpful VX staff flips the room to create a charming little cocktail party including some of the most delicious bites plus bottles of your favorite beer and wine. And as if it couldn't get any better, this package also includes our classic CAKE & CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION that includes the wedding cake and champagne to toast. Aaaand, don't forget our amazing "Big Moments" Suite Heart Shop Box because yeah, that's included too. For 4 hours your entire wedding is taken care of from top to bottom, because why? Oh yeah, The Vow Exchange of course!


So there you have it folks! Can you tell that we just LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings but mostly that we just LOVE LOVE LOVE you?! We are committed to leading the way for fantastic yet fuss-less weddings in Kansas City.  A further testament that at The Vow Exchange, truly ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!


The Vow Exchange Turns 3!

Earlier in May The Vow Exchange celebrated its 3rd year of spreading the love!! We had an awesome turn out on a busy 1st Friday down in The Kansas City Crossroads. We shared cake, champagne, swag bags and played PB&J themed tailgate toss as well as took silly pics with our new photo booth props! It was a perfect night to greet the dozens of guests who came including past couples who wed with us and new couples planning their big day with us soon. It was a truly unforgettable night. Here's to many more years of sharing love and this wonderful business called The Vow Exchange!

Love is Sweet with The Vow Exchange Wedding Cake

INTRODUCING The Vow Exchange's newest and most exciting feature, our signature wedding cake! This 3 tiered buttercream beauty features white wedding cake for the top and bottom tier. Our couples may select between chocolate, red velvet, lemon or white for the middle tier. Created by our premiere "Cakestress" Chef Nancy Stark, this cake is everything you look for in your big day confection. Layers of soft cake with the right amount of sweetness are decorated with smooth buttercream frosting in your choice of white (pictured) or gold and buttercream ruffles a the base. And of course let us not overlook our version of the modern day "cake topper", a glittered heart tipped arrow straight from Cupid's bow (this feature stays with The VX and is optional). 

The Vow Exchange team celebrated with a cake cutting of our own! Chef Stark was on hand to show us how to slice up and serve. Guests of The Vow Exchange will be served cake "food truck style" in kraft colored trays with wooden forks. Currently our wedding cakes are available through our Homestead Package as well as in our Premium Packages

A new season brings a new home for The Vow Exchange!

As many of our fans may already know, The Vow Exchange is moving to a new location this October! The building that hosted our business in its infant months is closing prompting us to find a new and exciting location here in our hometown of Kansas City. We are very excited to announce that our new home will be in the newly renovated Screenland Crossroads Building located at 1701 McGee Street in the Kansas City Crossroads! We are looking forward to joining the dozens of innovative and culture leading businesses in this bustling KC urban neighborhood. 


This move which is several months in the making, is coming to a head as we open for our first events starting on Saturday October 4th. Our new space is every bit as charming and intimate as our old location featuring an authentic antique barn wood backdrop, festival lighting across the 14 foot high ceiling, and a bonus area at the back which can be used as a bridal lounge OR a few extra seats for those larger families and groups. Everything else from our furnishings, our packages, our pricing and our team will remain the same. 

Image composite for The Vow Exchange's new event salon.

Image composite for The Vow Exchange's new event salon.

We will update our website with a new gallery once we have put all the finishing touches on our new space. In the meantime, we have a few to share showing the transformation of this beautiful new space.

This antique barn wood wall is made from barn wood off a 100 year old barn! Talk about standing the test of time!

This antique barn wood wall is made from barn wood off a 100 year old barn! Talk about standing the test of time!

The salon gets painted! Our neutrally colored space is cozy and flexible.

The salon gets painted! Our neutrally colored space is cozy and flexible.

As we say goodbye to our old location at 2005 Campbell and The City Ice Arts building, we reflect on 16 months and over 100 couples sharing their heartfelt moments, ear to ear smiles, and happy tears with us. We are sad to see this location go but will always cherish these memories and the seriously good "mojo" swirling around the north end of this iconic and historic building.

Everyone has a first love. The Vow Exchange will never forget 2005 Campbell.

Everyone has a first love. The Vow Exchange will never forget 2005 Campbell.

We invite our fans to stay tuned as we announce the new grand opening event for our new venue later this fall. We look forward to many years, more ear to ear smiles and celebrations of love in our new home!