4 New additions to The Vow Exchange this fall!

Eeeeeee! We can hardly stand the excitement! It's that time of year when our most beloved brands are unveiling their newest products in time for the big Holiday rush, and The Vow Exchange is no exception! We have been working hard to bring you some of the most exciting changes to our offerings since we first opened. Our customers spoke, and we listened. Behold the top 4 new changes at The Vow Exchange!


Starting this September we will be offering WALK-IN-WEDDINGS! We get it. You are the couple who has been planning on making it official all along, but have no real desire to do the whole wedding thing. Or perhaps you are the military couple who needs your marriage to be official before the next big assignment. We hear you LOUD & CLEAR. Introducing WALK-IN-WEDDINGS! Offered every Friday from noon to 3pm, couples can grab a 15 minute spot and show up with their Missouri State marriage license for a short & sweet ceremony. Reserve your spot online or simply just show up to put your name on the list. Like Apple's Genius Bar, the simplicity of this wedding event offered at only $200 is just that...PURE GENIUS.



Sooooo this is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Kansas City weddings since Hallmark's Don Hall married his beloved Adele. 100% made in Kansas City, the items in this one-of-a-kind box can not be found anywhere but here. Each of the 4 items in the box are custom designed by or in collaboration with Kansas City artists and makers. In this box you will find:

1)  "Yes! A thousand times yes!" birch ring box
2) "Lucky Us" wooden cake topper cake pick
3) "By Your Side" Bride's escort lapel pin
4) "Drunk in Love" champagne flutes

Check out WWW.SUITEHEARTSHOP.COM to learn more about this curated collection of "must haves" for your wedding!


So you are the couple who wants a simple ceremony BUT you want to capture that iconic moment when you feed each other cake while the photographer is on the clock. Introducing THE MINI CAKE! This simple cake offers our couples a mini cake to cut while also offering mini cupcakes to share with your guests. Easy Peasy. But wait! That's not all! This package option also includes our signature "Big Moments" Suite Heart Shop Box (ahem listed above). I mean are you kidding me? It's almost too good to be true... but it's not!



Again KC, you spoke and we listened. So you know that feeling like the ceremony is all taken care of (because why? oh yeah The Vow Exchange of course), but you still have that super stressed out feeling because you still need to plan some sort of after celebration? So um yeah, we do that now. YOU GOT IT! WE. DO. THAT. NOW!! Introducing your wedding-dream-come-true BOTTLES & BITES RECEPTION PACKAGE! So this sucker has EVERYTHING. In addition to that super beautiful and super easy wedding ceremony, your helpful VX staff flips the room to create a charming little cocktail party including some of the most delicious bites plus bottles of your favorite beer and wine. And as if it couldn't get any better, this package also includes our classic CAKE & CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION that includes the wedding cake and champagne to toast. Aaaand, don't forget our amazing "Big Moments" Suite Heart Shop Box because yeah, that's included too. For 4 hours your entire wedding is taken care of from top to bottom, because why? Oh yeah, The Vow Exchange of course!


So there you have it folks! Can you tell that we just LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings but mostly that we just LOVE LOVE LOVE you?! We are committed to leading the way for fantastic yet fuss-less weddings in Kansas City.  A further testament that at The Vow Exchange, truly ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!