The Vow Exchange expert florists, Jillian and Jessica, consistently "wow" us with luscious, hand-tied, fresh flower bouquets. Best of all, The Vow Exchange has perfected the customization process so making your dream bouquet is easy, affordable, and fun! Their all-inclusive “Everything” wedding package includes a hand tied bridal bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere that YOU customize by picking your two favorite colors and a premium flower. You can even add on coordinating flowers for your wedding party!

These well known Kansas City wedding florists have been crafting arrangement for couples getting married at the small wedding venue for over 5 years now. So we looked back through the dozens of bridal bouquets from over those years and picked out our 10 favorite springtime arrangements to share with you! Which one would you want to carry down the aisle?

*Pro tip: click the picture to see the beautiful blooms up close & click again at the bottom for more details on the featured flowers!

Flowers aren’t the only thing for customizing! Choose how you want to walk down the aisle with inspiration from 5 flawless Vow Exchange brides.

Just The Two Of Us: Top 30 Vow Exchange Newlywed Portraits!

Warning: the photos you are about to see may cause serious drooling.

But in all seriousness, we have to take a moment to brag on our incredible team of Vow Exchange photographers. They are some of the most talented, hard working, and brilliant photographers in Kansas City, nay, the world. These women are not only skilled in the art of photography, they also have the warmest personalities and know just how to bring out the best in our couples. They take every couple on an adventure, whether sticking to the walls of our venue or scouring the neighborhood. They don’t just give instructions on how to pose, they build a world meant just for two and let the newlyweds soak it all in as they capture the love radiating out. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that our team has the privilege of capturing the most beautiful (inside AND out) couples in all of Kansas City!

With that said, you’re in for a treat because we’ve opened the vault of Vow Exchange wedding galleries and have chosen our top 30 favorite newlywed shots to share with you! And for real, get your drool buckets ready cause you’re gonna need ‘em!

Love these newlywed shots? See our collection of Vow Exchange newlyweds walking back down the aisle with that “we did it” glow!

DIY Done For You: 8 Items You Can Cross Off Your To-Do List

We’ve watched as wedding trends evolved to demand more and more hours in the Hobby Lobby aisles and long nights behind a hot glue gun. Just hop on Pinterest and within minutes you’ll catch yourself muttering “who has time for that?”. We’ve been asking ourselves that question for years and now you can join us every week on the “I Do” Rescue podcast where we question the entire status quo of today’s wedding industry and the unreasonable expectations put on couples getting married.

We believe fewer tasks on your wedding to-do list means more time for focusing on what the day is really about. But we also know it’s the little things that can bring the most joy. That is why The Vow Exchange Events team has personally designed and hand made 8 of those “little things” and keeps them wedding ready for all our brides and grooms to use. So set down the glue gun, back away from the glitter, and get your beauty sleep knowing these DIYs are done for you!

1. Love Notes Guest Book

Instead of just a signature in a book, go home with a personalized note from each of your guests on our “share the love” note cards! Open the envelope every few years and reminisce on your wedding day through the eyes of your friends and family.

2. Photo Props

Have fun finding your picture perfect pose with these made from scratch photo props!

3. Initials Sign

You shouldn’t have to be an interior decorator for your wedding venue to feel personalized. We want every couple from Adam & Amy to Zelda & Zoe to feel like our space was made just for them.

4. Welcome Sign

So your guests know they’ve officially arrived to the party of the year!

5. Flag Favors

Making a souvenir for every single guest to go home with? Who has time for that?! Well we do. So let us do it for you. All your guests will surround you in a sea of “yays” and “woohoos” with their very own favor flag!

6. PB&J Bean Bag Toss

aka Corn Hole for us Midwesterners. These hand sewn bean bags make the perfect wedding game for couples who go together like peanut butter and jelly!

7. Drink Service

Our collection of venue specific drink dispensers and assorted cups are ready to serve our Vow Exchange homemade, seasonal, family friendly beverage!

8. Cake Topper

Want the “cherry on top” of your wedding cake? Just borrow the cake topper we DIY-ed for our chapels, ready for any couple wanting to add some shimmer to their cake.

Use of the above items is subject to venue, availability, and package selection

Feeling better now that your to do list is cut in half? Now go grab yourself a glass of wine, put on your comfy pants, and queue up episode 1 of the “I Do” Rescue podcast!

Build-A-Bouquet: Autumn Edition

This week we’re focusing in on one of our favorite fall wedding features - the flowers! Our expert Vow Exchange partner florists work hard to find flawless, farm fresh flowers to build beautifully designed and custom made bouquets for our each of our brides. Our couples are encouraged to pick out their favorite premium flower from our seasonal list and 2 colors of their choice that will be featured in their bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall foliage!

See just some of the potential by checking out our favorite fall bridal bouquets from the past 5 years!

Next up, summertime edition! See more bright, bold, and beautiful bouquets!



The Cake Cutting Ceremony: To Smash or Not To Smash?

Newlyweds have been cutting the cake for over a century and this delicious tradition is likely to be around for generations to come…because who doesn’t love cake?! For the couple, choosing what flavors you want is the easy part. The true dilemma comes down to one question. To smash or not to smash?

We’re taking a look back at our own Vow Exchange couples and their cake cutting ceremonies! We’re celebrating the sweethearts who kindly fed a bite of cake to their new spouse and those on the wilder side who got a little crazy with the sweets. Because at the end of the (wedding) day, any way you eat cake is the right way to eat cake!

Madeline & Curt

“Got Your Nose!”


Candace & Thomas

Kid Friendly!


Christina & Monica

Cupcake Chaos!


Lori & Kevin

“Do you trust me?”


Lexi & Andrew

Military Precision!


Maranda & Neal

Sneak Attack!


Cheryl & James

Sweet Ride!


Lauren & Dalton

True Cake-ivores!


Tiffany & Gunner

Close Confections!


Melanie & David

Crazy for Cake!


Megan & Jeff

Frosted Kisses!

Kansas_City_Intimate_Small_Budget_Wedding_Venue_Megan & Jeff-193.jpg
Kansas City-Small Wedding-Elope-Reception-Intimate-Ceremony-Megan & Jeff-221b.jpg
Megan & Jeff-226b.jpg
Kansas City-Small Wedding-Elope-Reception-Intimate-Ceremony-Megan & Jeff-199b.jpg

Melanie & David were crazy for cake and crazy in love! Click below to see more of their crazy cute wedding day!

8 Unique Unity Ceremonies: Inspiration & Etsy Finds!

A Unity Ceremony serves as a special moment in your wedding dedicated to symbolizing the special bond that only you two share. It can also signify the beginning of your new family, whatever size it may be.

We've ranked some of our favorite unity ceremony ideas that are super fun, low hassle, and perfect for celebrating a glorious new union! Because we're all about making things easy, we've found the perfect coordinating unity ceremony supplies you can get straight from Etsy! 

Let us know which unity ceremony and creative Etsy piece would be a part of your dream wedding!


1. Tasting Ceremony

The flavors sour, bitter, hot, and sweet represent the different aspects and stages of marriage and in this ceremony, you commit to stay with one another through it all.

This set of four ceramic bowls is perfect for a tasting ceremony! Fill the bowls with your favorite foods, sauces, spices, or desserts. Just make sure one of each flavor is represented. We recommend a candy theme! Sour - Lemon Heads, Bitter - War Heads, Hot - Hot Tamales, and Sweet - Milk Ways!

2. Wine Box Ceremony

Also known as the "First Fight Box", the happy couple locks away a bottle of wine along with love letters to each other expressing their love and excitement about marriage. Upon the newlyweds' first fight the two must open the box, read the letters aloud, share the bottle of wine, and reminiscence on their wedding day!

3. Braiding Ceremony

This one is a creative way to both figuratively and literally "tie the knot"!

This "Cord of Three Strands" sign is personalized to make for the perfect unity ceremony and home decor! 

4. Anniversary Time Capsule

Seal love notes and trinkets from both him & her and open it together on the first (or fifth) anniversary!

Get these adorable printables and have your guests join in on writing notes to your future selves!


5. Lock Ceremony

Close this keyless lock together to symbolize "your eternal love". Hang it on the wall of your home or in a special place to be reminded of your happiest day!


6. Sand Ceremony

Create a keepsake art piece that forever memorializes your individual lives becoming intertwined as one in an irreversable bond.

Include the entire family with a different color of sand for each member and a personalized box making an instant family heirloom.

7. Unity Candle

A classic for a reason, the unity candle ceremony represents the joining of two separate lives by bringing together the flames of two single candles to light one unity candle.

Add a unique flair with this geometric unity candle latern personalized with your own monogram!


8. Vow of Parenthood

Also known as a Family Unity Ceremony, this is a special way to bring together your entire family and vow to love and support one another until the end of time.

Give a special memento of your love, to go along with your vows, to your new little girl!

Enjoy any these cool unity ceremony finds? Then you're bound to like some of our 7 Favorite Etsy Vintage Accessories!

Walk Your Way: 5 Unique Wedding Processionals

It's the big moment everyone has been waiting for. A hushed silence falls over the crowd as the music begins to play. There is excitement in the air as the bride is about to make her debut!

But wait, let's rewind.

All the planning and coordinating that goes into that big moment is beyond stressful. Just assembling your "I Do" crew can be difficult. 

Truth is, there is no right or wrong way to do a wedding processional. Pay tribute to tradition or throw it to the wind, all that really matters is that you do what makes YOU happy. The Vow Exchange events team makes it easy to plan your "I Do" crew and coordinates your entire wedding processional the way YOU want it.

For ideas and inspiration, here are five Vow Exchange newlyweds who did their processional their own way!

Lisa & John

Rebels at Heart

These proud parents asked their children to be their bridesmaids and groomsmen! When it came time, Lisa embraced her big moment and took center stage all by herself. And when John saw her for the first time he couldn't resist, he broke the only rule there is and went in for a kiss! 

The_Vow_Exchange_Kansas_City_Small_Budget_Wedding_Venue_Lisa & John_037.jpg
The_Vow_Exchange_Kansas_City_Small_Budget_Wedding_Venue_Lisa & John_043.jpg

Mico & Daniel

Simply Electric

This bride and groom matched in brilliant white and had their two best friends rock the color down the aisle. Mico's handsome father escorted her and blessed her marriage before giving her away to her new soon-to-be husband.  


Kiersten & Brice

Better Together

It was a family affair with their children in the roles of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and flower girl! Kiersten & Brice not only chose a song that was special to them, they had a dear friend play it live. And in an act of chivalry, this groom walked back to his bride and lead her arm in arm down the aisle to be wed!


Emily & Uli

Dynamic Duo

It was all about their love that day as the two walked down the aisle, hand in hand, together. Emily & Uli's closest family and friends were gathered and all played an equal part in their celebration! 


Andrea & Jon

Tradition With A Twist

These darling little flower girls passed out single stem roses and a little bit of love to each wedding guest! A lucky groomsman escorted Andrea down the aisle and gave her away to Jon where they tied the knot alongside their seven best guys and six best gals!


Want to join in on the fun and plan your wedding with us? Learn more about all of our packages by clicking below!

Build-A-Bouquet: Summertime Edition

Sweet sweet summertime! When the sun is out, the skies are blue, and the flowers are in full bloom! It's no wonder why our Vow Exchange partner florists particularly love this season. With so many fun flowers to choose from, our florist friends get to flex their creative muscles, building some of the most beautiful floral arrangements the Midwest has to offer! 

As a Vow Exchange bride or groom, you get to join in on the fun! Our "Everything" packages come with a farm fresh, hand tied bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere. We will walk you through the customization process where you get to choose a premium flower from our seasonal list and up to 2 color preferences. Have fun playing around with all the possibilities and when you settle on your favorite, you can trust that our floral experts will create the wedding flowers of your dreams!  

Here are just a few of our favorite summertime "dream come true" bouquets & boutonnieres!