Married AF: 10 Profane Wedding Etsy Finds Including Cake Toppers, T-Shirts, Jewelry, Drinkware, Signs, & More

Are you a potty-mouthed bride? Or are you a groom that’s known to drop a casual f-bomb here and there? It’s not uncommon for us to overhear a curse word or two inside the walls of our small town wedding venues. Here in Kansas City, it’s not terribly uncommon for grandpa to be the one using the dirty language.

If you have a foul-mouthed group, why not incorporate a little profanity into your wedding day? It can be a fun way to let everyone know you aren’t taking yourselves too seriously. We are all for tossing aside buttoned-up traditions and making weddings more down to earth. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 Etsy finds that are perfect for those brides or grooms with a heart of gold but the mouth of a sailor.

1. Getting Married T-Shirt

Wake up on your big day and throw on this perfectly planned tee. It’s unisex and looks great on brides & grooms alike!

2. Finally Ring Mug

Feel like you’ve been waiting forever to walk down the aisle? Now that the day is finally here, start it off right with some hot coffee in this adorable mug!

3. Girly Wine Glasses

Sippin’ mimosas with your girls on your big day is a must. Bring along these glasses as big day gifts for your best gal pals.

4. Something Blue Handkerchief

Keep this hanky close by for all the feels and as a not so subtle reminder to hold in the happy tears.

5. Guest Table Decor

Remind your messier guests to mind their manners with this cork table topper.

6. Just Got Real Cake Topper

Make all your guests laugh with this profane and to the point cake topper.

7. Venue Entrance Sign

Let your guests know they have officially arrived to the party of the year.

8. Ladylike Bracelet

Feeling fancy? Why not acknowledge it with this stylish statement bracelet.

9. Mrs. Bridal Jacket

This denim jacket would look adorable on any bride with a rebellious side.

10. Hangover Party Favors

Send your love ones on their way with the needed equipment to survive the next day!

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