Welcome to Your 15 Minute Wedding!

“When such a true bond of love exists between two people, it is right and proper that an outer acknowledgement be made.”

Every mini ceremony at The Vow Exchange Chapel starts with those words because they perfectly express our philosophy on what weddings are all about. We believe weddings are meant to be an affirmation of love and a declaration of intent to spend forever together. It is so very easy to lose sight of that especially in today’s world with the wedding industry telling you everything you “must have” for your wedding to be deemed worthy.

We are honored to host and officiate wedding ceremonies that focus on what truly matters. The couples who spend their wedding day with us are so diverse and have a myriad of reasons for wanting to have a small wedding. But the one thing consistent between each couple - no matter their age, race, or orientation - is their intense and deep love for each other. That love is what takes center stage at every single one of our weddings. We believe the world would be a better place if everyone could see the love that is on display, every weekend inside our small chapel right here in Kansas City.

So we are doing just that. We’re sharing the love, on our show, "15 Minute Wedding”. In each episode you will meet (and totally fall in love with) an engaged couple who is getting married in a 15 minute ceremony & celebration at The Vow Exchange Chapel. Hear how they met, fell in love, and why they chose a 15 minute wedding!

We’re gonna be on TV!

Our show "15 Minute Wedding" is airing a special episode on local channel 38 The Spot this Sunday March 31st at 9:30am. Tune in to watch the cutest and coolest couples in all of KC say "I do"!