Constance & Carissa - Completely Captivating

Constance and Carissa are one of the most spectacular couples we've ever had the pleasure of helping get hitched! Just glimpsing at their photos, you can get a sense of what a beautiful couple they are - inside and out. Their love filled the air and all of Kansas City that day. Thank you Constance and Carissa for allowing us to help you start a new beginning together!

Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-040b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-124b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-240b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-264b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-261.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-313b.jpg