Constance & Carissa’s Completely Captivating Same-Sex Wedding (Hosted By KC’s Friendliest LGBT Wedding Vendors)!

Constance and Carissa are one of the most spectacular couples we've ever had the pleasure of helping get hitched! Just glimpsing at their photos, you can get a sense of what a beautiful couple they are - inside and out. Their love filled the air and all of Kansas City that day. Thank you Constance and Carissa for allowing us to help you start a new beginning together!

Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-040b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-124b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-240b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-264b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-261.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-313b.jpg

See Constance & Carissa alongside other LGBT couples who celebrated their special day with The Vow Exchange!