How-To Thank You: 9 Etsy Wedding Favor Finds!

The people who gather around to join in on your ultimate celebration, aka your wedding day, are the people that will always mean the most to you. Sometimes it’s hard to say just how grateful you feel for the presence of those friends and family. So don’t just say it, show it!

We’ve found some of the cutest wedding party favors that perfectly say “thank you, thank you, thank you!”. Nine to be exact! And the best part is all of them come straight from Etsy so there’s little to no DIY steps. They come ready (or almost ready) for gifting with slim to none chances of stress!

1. Customized Candles

Send your guests home with a sweet scented candle that will bring back memories of that special day whenever they light it!


2. Wildflower Seeds

Spread the love with these wildflower seeds in personalized pouches. Send your guests home with blooms that will make them smile every spring!

3. Key Bottle Opener

Your guests are the key to your big day. Show them how much you appreciate them being there with a key that will always be there for them - to open their drinks!

4. Recovery Kit

Fill these adorable canvas bags with goodies like advil, tums, bottled water, candy, and anything else you crave when hungover. Thank your guests with this gift tonight and they’ll be thanking YOU tomorrow.

5. Sunglasses

These sunglasses come with customizable stickers so you can make them your own! Perfect for star studded couples wanting to say thanks to their guests.

6. Liquor Labels

Buying someone a shot is a time honored way of saying “thank you”. Embrace the tradition with these wedding branded shot bottle labels!

7. Playing Cards

Give your Ace a full deck, straight from the King & Queen of Hearts with these personalized playing cards.

8. Koozies

Make every guests' drink festive with these wedding koozies and send them home with a souvenir they’ll use year after year!

9. Scratch Cards

You were lucky in love, so try passing on some of that luck to your guests with these personalized scratch card holders!

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Lexi & Andrew - Magical Military Marriage

Lexi and Andrew are a stunningly beautiful military couple that we had the privilege of helping tie the knot! Looking through their wedding album, you can feel their excitement in every expression, in every picture. Yet they also exude a certain sense of calm when they are together, as only best friends do. We were so honored to help these best friends join their lives together as one!

All the military couples we have helped wed over the years hold a special place in our hearts. Vow Exchange Owner, Kathryn Hogan, shared her thoughts on why these weddings are so very special. "Military couples give so much to serve their country, even the manner in which they celebrate their wedding. We hear so often how these couples need a celebration that can be assembled quickly as they do not know when the next deployment is coming. Imagine that, putting your big day in the hands of your country's call to duty. That is such a gift most of us in America don't usually think about."

So we’re sending a heartfelt thank you to all the brave men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces! And a hearty congratulations goes out to one of our favorite military couples, Lexi and Andrew!

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Let's give thanks to the wonderful Kristen!


Ah, November… With Thanksgiving around the corner, this time of year is a great opportunity to look around and appreciate those people that you are truly grateful for. We are totally feeling that thankful spirit and want to sing the praises of Kristen Grantham, the grease that keeps the wheels moving at The Vow Exchange!

If you have ever come in for a visit or attended a wedding with us, chances are very high that you have had the good fortune to meet Kristen, our resident go-getter. She is truly a dynamo: kind, full of energy and smiles, and one of the most versatile ladies you will ever encounter. We are endlessly grateful to have her on The Vow Exchange team and so proud to be able to tell you all about her.

Q: First, can you tell us a little about your background?

I was born and raised in the KC metro; Raymore to be exact. A few years back I thought about moving to Denver with my my boyfriend, Josh. We thought it would be more bustling, yet still midwestern. Instead, we tried moving to a new place here in town. We went from our quiet place near Grandview, to a cool loft apartment in the middle of downtown Kansas City. We loved it there and realized that KC was all the bustling city we needed.

I have worked since I was 15. My first job was at Tropical Sno, a sno cone company. I have been working pretty much around the clock ever since. Now, I am kind of a workaholic.

Q: What would you say is your favorite part of your job?

I can’t really choose a favorite, because every part is amazing. I have different favorites on different days. Today I love that I am meeting with couples and reviewing our couples’ photo galleries. I love to see the couples who I worked with on their wedding day, but when I am reviewing the galleries, I also get to peek in on all of the couples who I didn’t work with and see their events. Then I get to share all of those beautiful photos with the world!

Q: So, it sounds like you have lots of jobs here? Tell me more…

Well… I am in charge of maintenance and venue cleaning. I order all of our supplies and prep the spaces for all of our events. I get the songs ready on our iPad for the ceremonies, get the platters delivered for our reception packages and make the flags and other crafty items we have at our weddings that make them extra special.

I also meet with couples and help them find their perfect package and show them our beautiful venues.

Oh, and I do all of our photo gallery review and delivery. And, I am a contributor for Merried. That is my favorite lately. The icing on the cake is that I also get to work at our weddings as a host! From a short and sweet little 30 minute mini ceremony to a longer Bottles & Bites reception where I get to spend the whole evening with the couple and put on a full-fledged party.

Q: Is there a Vow Exchange couple who left a life long impression with you?

There totally, totally is! Curt and Maddie. They were the very first “reception” event that we ever did! That is when I realized that what we did was such a unique celebration for people. That was the first time I had ever cut the cake and managed the first dance. Even though you don’t NEED those things to make a wedding complete, it was great to be part of those old wedding traditions in the modern day. Also, I loved how Curt and Maddie’s little girl was involved in the ceremony as they started a new family together! Her life is forever changed because of Curt and Madeline’s wedding.


Also, Lauren and Dalton’s wedding was really sentimental for me. I had just gone to back to back funerals for my family so I was feeling very emotional. I knew that the bride had just gone through something similar herself with her family. At the wedding, I could tell that Lauren was just so happy to be married and to have Dalton in her life for good. He was the rock for her that day and now for the rest of their lives. She is just leaning into him and you can really fell what I felt that day, just from that picture. And also her dress was my dream dress… and her and her bridesmaids wore black leather jackets! So cool!

Q: What's something that excites you about the future?

Probably hosting and seeing more weddings at The Chapel at Heritage Hall! I had a big part in painting and working on the new space. My blood sweat and tears are in that place and being able to host there will give me a real sense of pride and completion. That space has such a modern yet timeless look and I just can’t wait to see it in action more!


Q: Who is your favorite fictional couple? 

Oooh, I have two! I would say first is Lucy and Ricky! I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I loved that they were both a real AND a fictional couple. Their real behind the scenes relationship makes their on screen relationship more authentic, I mean the show is called “I LOVE LUCY”! It is literally about their relationship. The fact that he is so supportive no matter what kooky, crazy things she wants to do makes them both that much more lovable. The fact that she was always trying to do something revolutionary and push the limits - that was totally Lucille Ball in real life.

And then… the couple from Gilmore Girls, Luke and Lorelei. I love the “will they or won’t they” across the whole series. You always know they will, but they keep the question alive and that is part of the fun. They have a very good platonic as well as a romantic relationship and I really think a good relationship needs to have both.

  Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

Warner Bros. Television / Via Netflix

Q: What about your favorite real life couple?

Oh that would be my grandparents. They are sort of old fashioned in that they don’t really express their feelings. They are very much a couple that does not get sappy or speak about it all the time. They show their love through teasing each other. As my grandpa gets older he makes his feelings more known. I think the perfect way he showed his love was after they were in a car accident together recently. They were both in the hospital recovering but were in separate rooms and not able to see each other. He would write her notes and send them to her and she would write back. They couldn’t see each other, but they obviously missed each other and really needed to communicate.


Q: What hobby consumes a bunch of your free time?

Movies! I am a cinephile. My favorite genre is called “mumblecore”; just indie movies about people living their everyday lives. I really like watching realistic characters that remind of people in real life. You can always find me at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Oh!! And PODCASTS! Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts! There’s a quote I really like: “I am walking down the street listening to a podcast while thinking about another podcast.” That describes my life to a T. I like everything from true crime to news to movie podcasts - you know, podcasts about movies!

 Kristen with Josh, her boyfriend of 7 years.

Kristen with Josh, her boyfriend of 7 years.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote about life or love?

“And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” It’s the last song on the last album that was recorded by all four Beatles. I think it sums up perfectly the meaning of life - to love and be loved. That is what The Vow Exchange is all about…the celebration of that love. Love is hard to find, dang it, and when you find it it deserves to be celebrated!!

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Amy & Daniel - An Autumn Affair

For some people, weddings are centered around two lives becoming one. For Amy & Daniel, their wedding was centered around two families becoming one. In an intimate ceremony in front of close family and friends, Amy, Daniel, and their four children walked down the aisle and started a new beginning together as a family. Their beautiful wedding took place on a gorgeous Autumn day and it was absolutely flawless from beginning to end! We couldn’t help but share a few of our favorites from their big day! Congrats to the happy family!

Oh Happy Day!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Happily Ever After!


Another wedding, another family formed! See the beautiful union of Madeline & Curt!


Mary & Larry - 50 Years In The Making!

Scan 8.jpg

“Mary, can I get you somethin’?”

In the Mary & Larry Potts household, those words mean one thing - it’s time for happy hour. It’s that simple act of sharing a daily drink together that Vow Exchange Owner, Kathryn Hogan, believes is the secret to her parents loving 50 year long marriage. “It’s really not that complicated, they just enjoy each other’s company. They’re best friends”.

Isn’t that what we all hope for? A best friend to walk through the next 50 years of life with? Well Mary & Larry set out with that dream on October 19, 1968 and here they are, still attached at the hip, 50 years later.

So today we’re pouring a happy hour cocktail and looking back at the happy day when these lovebirds said yes to spending a lifetime together. Cheers to the life long newlyweds - to Mary & Larry Potts!

The Potts wedding album is filled with all the traditional moments doused in 1960’s flair. It opens with the time honored pinning of the boutonniere where we see our groom, Larry, dressed to the nines in his wedding day tux!


Meanwhile, Mary was putting on her garter with the help of her dolled up bridesmaids. Riddled with wedding day nerves, Mary clutched to her father’s arm as she made her way down the aisle to her soon to be husband.

Scan 14.jpg
Scan 6.jpg

The iconic shot of the classic church wedding scene is the perfect glimpse into the moment where the magic happened.

The newlyweds just couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they stopped for a second “first” kiss on their way back down the aisle. Clearly relieved from the wedding jitters, Mary beamed as they cut the cake, perfectly in sync, as husband and wife.

Scan 4.jpg

Larry’s best man, featured here giving the ceremonial toast, was almost certainly sharing a story from their younger years. You can almost hear Mary giggling as she looked at her new husband who was wearing his best “I can neither confirm nor deny” poker face.

Scan 11.jpg

After the toasts, their afternoon reception was complete with all the customs from the tossing of the bouquet to the throwing of the garter.

Scan 7.jpg

The Potts wedding album wouldn’t be complete without the traditional wedding ring shot. Side by side and hand in hand, these are the intimate moments that weddings are all about.

Scan 5.jpg

In all these photos the thing that stands out about Mary & Larry is how clearly you can see what great friends they are. Especially here as they sit together, not knowing what the next 50+ years would hold, but nonetheless staring into each others eyes with a confidence and excitement that oozes off the picture. That right there is the look of “we did it” and “here we go” all wrapped up in one. That is the look of a love that is built to last a lifetime.

Scan 12.jpg

Can’t get enough of Mary & Larry? Neither can we! Hear more about the real life inspiration behind The Vow Exchange by clicking below!


Local Flavor Friday - Houndstooth

If you wander through City Market it won’t be long before your eye is drawn to a little local gem known as Houndstooth. Their adorable shop off Walnut St is a staple of the City Market grounds and houses some of the finest suits in the city.

We are a sucker for a one stop shop and Houndstooth is the one stop shop for men looking to look their best on any occasion from “casual backyard affairs to elegant formal nights”.

“Old School...

Never Old Fashioned”

Houndstooth has come up with the coolest way for grooms and their guys to get the perfect wedding day attire and it’s called the “Groomsmen Social”. We love the idea of grooms getting to have a special night with their best guys, kicking back and getting geared up for the big day.

We first fell in love with Houndstooth during a HerLife Magazine collaboration to help “Kansas City’s Most Deserving Couple” tie the knot! Houndstooth kindly donated a gorgeous and sophisticated suit for the handsome groom. Adam pulled off looking polished without sacrificing personality!


The classic dark grey Houndstooth suit was the perfect look for Marlena & Adam’s sleek & chic affair. You can just tell Adam felt exactly how he looked - like a million bucks!


And it’s safe to say, Marlena LOVED the dapper look.

Want to learn more about what makes Houndstooth’s suits so special? Head over to their website by clicking below.

Head over to





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Build-A-Bouquet: Autumn Edition

This week we’re focusing in on one of our favorite fall wedding features - the flowers! Our expert Vow Exchange partner florists work hard to find flawless, farm fresh flowers to build beautifully designed and custom made bouquets for our each of our brides. Our couples are encouraged to pick out their favorite premium flower from our seasonal list and 2 colors of their choice that will be featured in their bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fall foliage!

See just some of the potential by checking out our favorite fall bridal bouquets from the past 5 years!

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