The Only Wedding To-Do List You Need: 7 Wedding Day “Merried Moments”

There are a million and one wedding to-do lists out there that will help you plan every dollar and minute spent on/at your wedding. However, as it is with most things in the wedding industry, they are focused on telling you what you need to buy and how you need to look. That is not the purpose of this to-do list, rather our intention is to help you focus on those specific moments throughout your wedding day that you don’t want to miss or rush through. We’re designating these as “Merried Moments” because just like our entire blog, they focus on the feels and not the looks or the stuff. It’s those moments on your wedding day when the emotions overflow and memories are made. These aren’t just moments you want captured on camera (although that doesn’t necessarily hurt), but these are the moments you want to capture with your mind and heart (yeah we know it’s cheesy - but it’s true). With that said, we proudly present our “Merried Moments” Wedding Day To-Do List!

1. Hug Your Mom & Dad (Or Your Mother/Father Figure)

Everyone needs the comfort of their parents embrace especially on their wedding day. Sometimes your parents are the only ones who truly understand the gravity of the decision you are making for your future. A hug from mom or dad (or that special mother/father figure) is the perfect prescription for cold feet. And you wouldn’t be here today without them so make sure you tell them with a loving hug or kiss before you get hitched!

2. Remember the First Look

This can happen as you walk down the aisle or before. The important thing is to designate at least one moment to take in how hot ya’ll look on your wedding day. Brides, I know walking down the aisle can make you a nervous wreck, but try your best to lock eyes with your groom/bride (and not their shoes)! I guarantee you don’t want to miss his or her first look reaction!

3. Embrace The One “Giving You Away”

Now even though you should lock eyes with your future spouse, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the one escorting you down the aisle. While the tradition of giving the bride away is a bit outdated, so many brides still want someone who loves and supports them standing by their side as they walk down the aisle. But sometimes when they reach the end of the aisle, in this moment of excitement, the bride jumps straight into their fiancés arms leaving their escort behind. That is why the team of Vow Exchange officiants will always remind our brides that if they have someone special escorting them down the aisle, take a moment to hug, kiss, or even high five that person once you’ve reached the altar together. P.S. Even if you skip having a precessional or just want to walk down the aisle solo, you can have someone special sitting in the first row simply stand for a hug before the ceremony begins.

4. The First Kiss

I’m not talking about the one at the altar, but rather, the first kiss you share behind closed doors after being pronounced married. This is one of the best moments of your entire wedding day - or your entire life for that matter! Kissing in front of the crowd is one thing, but kissing your spouse in private as the official-ness of your marriage washes over you is a feeling that can’t be described.

5. Pass the Mic

You don’t even necessarily need a microphone! The point here is that you should invite the people you love to “take the stage” and say a little something on your wedding day. This can be as easy as circling up and saying a few words or it can be planned out speeches with champagne toasting flutes. Either way this is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and often the couple’s favorite part of the night too.

6. Sway in your Spouse’s Arms

Whether it’s during a formal first dance at your reception or back at the hotel room that night, every couple should take a moment to dance for the first time as newlyweds. Even if you don’t have an ounce of rhythm in your body, swaying in your spouse’s arms is an absolute requirement on our wedding day list.

7. Address your new “Husband” or “Wife”

Honestly this is the number one thing people forget about on their wedding day and we think that’s a shame. Our advice is to really focus on the first time you get to use your spouse’s new title because it really is a once in a lifetime moment. While the newness of the term “husband” and “wife” (or “hubby” and “wifey”) won’t wear off for a while, the first time you use it should be special and not in any way mundane.



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High Class, Low Stress Wedding in KC’s Newest Wedding Chapel

Jenny & Tony’s wedding had all the looks of a high class wedding with all the feels of a low stress wedding. The lovebirds chose to get married at The Chapel on the Corner at the Historic Downtown Liberty Square. The modern yet timeless look of the Chapel was the perfect fit for the couple whose natural beauty shined through on their summer wedding day. And by choosing the all-inclusive package, Jenny & Tony had an entire Vow Exchange team including a pre-event coordinator, day-of coordinator, officiant, photographer, and florist responsible for making sure their wedding went off without a hitch. With the stress off their shoulders, Jenny & Tony were able to have a more meaningful celebration focused on what really matters - each other. We feel incredibly honored to have facilitated this intimate ceremony and celebration and to now be sharing it with you!




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Top 8 Trendy & Affordable Engagement Rings!

So many couples today are looking for an alternative to the typical big diamond engagement rings and wedding bands offered by the average jeweler. And while budget can be a big factor, it’s far from the only reason couples are turning to sites like Amazon and Etsy to find their marriage bling. To help these folks on their quest to find something truly trendy and affordable, we’ve put together this list of our 5 favorite alternative engagement and/or wedding rings!

1. Tiny Diamond Ring

If the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” applies to you, a tiny diamond ring might be right up your alley. These dainty diamonds pack a lot of sparkle in a tiny package and can start as low as $100.

2. Moissanite Ring

Some of us girls still want a big shiny ring but without the big scary price tag. To those girls I say, let me introduce you to a moissanite ring. This gem stone has the look and shine of a diamond without the debt inducing cost. Rumor has it, some well known jewelers won’t advertise their moissanite rings but they do offer them - you just have to ask!

3. Rough Diamond Ring

I can personally attest to the beauty of a rough diamond ring because I’m looking at the one on my ring finger right now! Rough diamonds are natural diamonds with a rough surface texture and appear opaque instead of clear. These diamonds are usually more ethically sourced because they are in lower demand.

4. Gemstone Ring

Secure your “something blue” with a blue sapphire engagement ring. Or go green with an emerald ring. The possibilities are endless when it comes to gemstone rings!

5. Solid Gold Ring

Minimalism is in style and nothing is as simple as a sold gold ring. This classic option works well as a wedding band that won’t over shine your engagement ring. Or you can follow the new trend of simply using one ring for your engagement and wedding!

6. Titanium Ring

Titanium wedding rings for men are very in right now because of the long lasting material and timeless look. But that’s not the only new trend in men’s rings. A lot of today’s couples are questioning why the girl gets to wear an engagement ring but the guy is supposed to wait until the wedding to wear his ring. So they aren’t waiting! Give your man his ring early so he can start showing the whole world his relationship status upgrade.

7. Rubber Ring

Whether you work on a factory floor, on a construction site, or behind a bar, wearing a metal ring can be an accident waiting to happen. Think safety first with these rubber rings! Designed to bend and break under pressure, these rings will keep your love one close to your heart without risking a limb. And they’re available for both guys and gals!

8. Tattoo “Rings”

Tattoos are the perfect way to signify the permanence of marriage. Couples who feel way more at home going to the tattoo parlor together than they do walking into a jewelry store should definitely consider this option (as long as you don’t mind going back for occasional touch ups). And this is one more alternative option for the bride or groom who uses their hands for work and can’t wear a traditional ring.

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Small Venue Near Kansas City Hosting The Dreamiest Weddings in Town

The Chapel on the Corner in Downtown Liberty (just north of KC) has quickly become the ideal wedding venue for couples wanting to get married somewhere white, bright, and full of light. The chapel has a certain magic that makes couples almost glow as the light shines on them through the giant arched windows lined with sheer white curtains. There are no words that could adequately describe the glow radiating from Melissa on her and Andrew’s wedding day. Lucky for you, our extremely talented Kansas City native photographer, Rachel, was there to capture it all. So be prepared for your jaw to drop as you witness some of the best moments from Melissa & Andrew’s dreamy day at The Chapel on the Corner!




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Advice on How to Propose to Your Significant Other (From a Girl Who Was Just Proposed To)!

You know that feeling when you want to climb a skyscraper just so you can scream something for the whole world to hear? Well I have that feeling now. And what do I want to scream to the world?


But seriously, this is the best feeling ever. Someone I love just asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. You know how freaking crazy that is? He didn’t just take me out on the town and buy me a fancy dinner (which he did - but that’s not the point). My man looked me in the eye, got down on one knee, and asked “Will you marry me?”.

If there’s one thing I could tell any boy or girl stressing over how to propose to their significant other, it would be this. It’s not about the plans or circumstances around how you pop the question, it’s about the gesture of asking itself. Although it may seem old fashioned, I can attest to how special and loved it makes someone feel when they are asked the question of a lifetime. The romantic spot under the City Market lights and the heartfelt love letter was all icing on the cake. But the thing I couldn’t get over was the love I felt when I heard those four words.

I have been behind the scenes at hundreds of weddings through both The Vow Exchange & Merried for almost five years now. After all that time spent “behind the curtain”, I am so excited to finally be the one to walk down the aisle! Stay tuned as I continue to share my thoughts and feelings as we go down this crazy journey from ring to aisle!


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