Heroes in Love: 11 Comic Couples Walk Down the Aisle

Comic romances are a favorite of The Vow Exchange owner, Kathryn Hogan, who married comic artist, Melvin Hogan. Since marrying her comic hubby, she collects comic wedding issues and art work. “I find it so inspiring that no matter how big and powerful these characters are, their love for each other is even more powerful. Their wedding “portraits” literally make me ‘squee’!”

Comic books are such a centerpiece of Kathryn & Mel’s relationship that they co-create & publish their own comic “Luna”. They have been invited by Kansas City’s local comic cons to give panels on what it is like as a husband and wife team creating a comic book. “We have a fan base of folks who enjoy our comic and now what appears to be a sub-fan group of couples who are working to co-create comics of their own. It’s fun to create, but even more fun when creating with your better half by your side.”

Dive into the rabbit hole of comic book universes with us as we divulge our top 11 favorite comic book weddings! 

1. Spider-man & Mary Jane Watson

In The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 Mary Jane and Peter Parker finally tie the knot! The "Special Wedding Issue' came out in 1987 and was such a big deal they even had designer Willi Smith create her dress! Aunt May sweetly gives her blessing but reminds Peter to always save some love for her. Awe!

2. Superman & Lois Lane

The couple everyone knows and loves officially wed in 1996 with the debut of Superman: The Wedding Album. Batman even makes a brief appearance, offering an apartment to the soon-to-be newlyweds and gathering fellow superheroes to watch after Metropolis while the two honeymoon in Hawaii.

The couple kissed in print and on screen as the comic book release coincided with the wedding episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. 

3. Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

This powerful duo decided to exchange vows in New Avengers Annual # 1 which launched over a decade ago in June 2006. There are a lot of great moments during the long awaited wedding between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. For instance, their officiant looks to be the one and only Stan Lee! On top of that gem, Jessica decides on the spot to say her own vows, telling Luke how she loves watching him be a father. It's no surprise this issue is rightfully titled "Happily Ever After"!

4. Joker & Harley Quinn

This toxic relationship (both literally and figuratively) is a favorite among fans. Because villains need love too, right? Well in 2017's Harley Quinn Vol 3 #13, we see that love story fully evolve as Joker & Harley Quinn kiss at the alter, honeymoon in Europe, and raise four little ones. We even see Joker on his deathbed being comforted by Harley Quinn and exchanging one last "I love you". But alas, we soon find out this is just a dream in Joker's temporarily unconscious mind. 

5. Cyclops & Jean Grey

Cyclops & Jean Grey have a glamorous affair in the 1994 comic X-Men Vol 2 #30. Jean is decked out with an epic veil, full length mermaid gown, and long white gloves. Cyclops is looking suave himself as the couple embraces surrounded by abundant floral arrangements. Needless to say, this couple is on fire! 

6. Apollo & Midnighter

This super hero couple holds a special place in our hearts. Although there had been other LGBT superheroes previously, the July 2002 release of The Authority #29 marked the first gay marriage in a popular comic book. You can feel the love jumping off the page in this image as the minister declares "you may kiss the groom, boys"!

7. Black Canary & Green Arrow

The Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1, released in November 2007, is a star studded affair. The cover boasts "Everyone who's anyone in the DCU will be there!" and they live up to that promise. The Justice League of America come to congratulate the happy couple including Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman just to name a few. 

8. Black Panther & Storm

The wedding in Wakanda in 2006's Black Panther Volume 4: #18 is one for the ages. Oprah makes an appearance as a wedding guest and Prince even plays at their wedding reception! On a more serious note, it serves as a literal cease-fire during the otherwise intense civil war between the Avengers. Although only briefly, both Iron Man and Captain America show up in support of Black Panther & Storm. No surprise this super hero wedding packs a punch of drama. 

9. Bruce Banner & Betty Ross

Bruce & Betty get hitched in May 1986 in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #319. You may notice Betty's INCREDIBLE wedding gown. It was actually passed down through the family from her grandmother! Speaking of family, there is plenty of family drama at this superhero wedding. When asked if anyone objects to the marriage, Betty's father shows up waving a gun around and before he is contained, he manages to shoot Banner's best man. But don't worry! While bleeding on the ground, his best man insists the wedding goes on as he can't bare to be the reason the two aren't officially wed. So the ceremony resumes and ends with a kiss!

10. Batman & Catwoman

Batman Vol 3 #50 came out recently - on July 4th, 2018 to be specific - so if you don't want spoilers scroll down NOW! We couldn't help but include the highly anticipated union of Batman & Catwoman on our favorites list, however it must be stated that the two didn't actually make it down the aisle. But don't be sad! This story is truly a testament to their eternal love. Catwoman knew that her love for Batman was so strong she couldn't selfishly become his wife because she believed it would ultimately lead to the hero's downfall. We will keep dreaming about this couple getting hitched one day, but for now we are just thrilled we got to see Catwoman in that gorgeous wedding gown!

11. Reed Richards & Sue Storm

Saving the best for last? That's what happened in Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #3. Even though the wedding is teased on the cover, the actual ceremony doesn't happen until the very end after several duels between heroes and villains. You can tell this issue was published in 1965 with lines such as "far out" from wedding guest, The Human Torch. Things go meta during the reception as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby try to crash the party but aren't allowed in without an invite!

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2018 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1938-2018 DC Comics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Tattoos & I Do's

We are lucky to have a hand in helping some of Kansas City's coolest brides get hitched! These women continually blow us away with their confidence, beauty, and grace. We especially love it when one of these brides rocks a gown that flaunts her ink! Long gone are the days of covering up for grandma! 

From a dainty piece to a full sleeve, these brides all rocked their tattoos on wedding day and to them we say "You go girl!"


Jessica & James - Joyfully Joined!

On a sunny June day, Jessica and James locked hands, exchanged rings, and vowed to join together as one until the end of time. They shared this intimate moment in a mini ceremony with their closest friends and family by their side. We feel so fortunate to have played a role in Jessica and James' love story!

Join us in celebrating Jessica and James and the joyous love they share!

Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-23.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-8.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-10.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-17.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-30.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-36.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-41.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-85.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-89.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-113.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-94.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Wedding Day-116.jpg


Getting married on a budget is no small feat. With the average wedding costing around $32K, breaking the budget is almost inevitable with all those little details that just simply add up. Which is why our events are designed to include many of those budget busters already built into your experience. At The Vow Exchange, you will never need to purchase a single candle, or rent a single chair. There are no set up or clean up fees, nor any need to purchase or create one-time-use decor. With so many of those small details already taken care of, it is easy to stay on budget with your wedding at The Vow Exchange.

Check out our list below on the top 8 items that become budget-friendly with a wedding at The Vow Exchange!

#1 Rentals & Decor

So many couples today spend dozens of hours on pinterest struggling to DIY an entire wedding venue's worth of pricey decorations that will end up either in the trash or in their basement collecting dust for years. At The Vow Exchange, we not only found the coolest and coziest spaces to house our little chapels, we also invest in hand crafted decor and antique finds to create spaces that feel just as special and unique as you are.

The Vow Exchange Chapel, located in the heart of the crossroads art district, has ample candlelight, floral decor, and a 100+ year old barn wood backdrop providing a warm yet modern setting for the Midwest couple. 

The Chapel at Heritage Hall, located on the downtown square in Liberty, is adorned with floor to ceiling sheer drapery, vintage chandelier & skyscraper fixtures, copper accents, swags of eucalyptus & candle decor throughout. 

#2 Event Planning Services and Day-of Coordination

The average couple spends $950 - $2,500 on a wedding planner alone. At the Vow Exchange, all of our packages (except the Chapel Rental only) are built to include both a pre-event coordinator and at least one day-of coordinator. Our SUPER SIMPLE event planning process is designed for today’s busy brides and grooms making the wedding planning process ridiculously easy. On your wedding day, the day-of coordinator will coordinate the entire event and will be there for your every need so you can sit back and enjoy your day with your closest loved ones!


#3 The Officiant

We have a dream team of the finest officiants KC has to offer! According to Wedding Wire, officiating fees can range drastically, from below $100 all the way to $650+. At The Vow Exchange, you can skip that awkward negotiating as our officiant fees are already included in the package price! All ceremony customization is coordinated with your pre-event coordinator so there is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to meet with your Vow Exchange officiant prior to wedding day!

#4 Guest Book & Party Favors

The nickels & dimes add up fast when it comes to the little things. So we created the perfect "bang for your buck" wedding keepsakes for all of our packages (except the Chapel Rental only). Instead of a book where guests simply write their names, we encourage everyone to leave a little note for the happy couple. Whether it be a piece of advice or a few words of love, we know these are the things you'll want to read over and over again in the years to come. Additionally, your guests deserve a little souvenir to remember the special day too! That is why each of your guests gets a "Woo Hoo!" or "Yay!" flag to wave during the "I do's" and to keep as a memento. 

#5 Flowers

Most couples spend a minimum of $700 on wedding flowers which can take up a good chunk of your wedding budget. But that doesn't mean you have to skimp and miss out on luscious, fresh flowers! At The Vow Exchange, we work with two expert florists who design and create all of our bouquets and boutonnieres. Which means we can offer you unique, hand tied, fresh flower bouquets at the best price possible. Best of all, we have perfected the customization process so making your dream bouquet is easy, affordable, and fun! You can even add on coordinating flowers for your wedding party! 

#6 Photography

Wedding photography can often break the bank with prices ranging up to $4500 and more. However, it is one thing you really shouldn't skimp on! We understand this better than anyone which is why we offer our professional photography in a budget friendly way. Whether you're having a 30 minute mini ceremony or a full 4.5 hour Bottles & Bites reception, we offer the same professional grade photography at a price that makes sense for your budget. Additionally, instead of paying up front for a set number of photos, our packages include digital copies of every single photograph taken so you don't have any extra costs later down the line. Also, our amazing team of photographers know our venues and our neighborhoods like the back of their hands - guaranteeing you get the best shots in the coolest places!

#7 DJ

Most couples spend between $750 - $1,400 on a DJ. At The Vow Exchange, the cost is $0! Our chapels are intimate in nature with 12-14 foot tall ceilings offering the BEST acoustics. Hoping to share a special dance or two with those you love to songs you love? For couples with a reception package, our planner will queue any special song or songs for a special dance as well as play mood setting tunes for your party. So whether you want a more mellow celebration with classic crooner tunes or you want to boogie all night long, we've got the jams for you. 

#8 Wedding Cake & Cake Service

Get this. The national average wedding cake cost is $500 and that doesn't even include cutting and serving! At The Vow Exchange, not only do our reception packages include a GORGEOUS cake that you get to cut together and smash into your new spouses' face, you also get to keep the top tier that we box up for you for your 1 year anniversary. Additionally, your coordinator will cut and serve the rest to all your sweet tooth guests. 

#9 Catering & Bar

The biggest budget breaker has to go to food & booze with most couples spending between $1,800 - $7,000. The Vow Exchange Bottles & Bites package comes with enough food to satisfy the heartiest of eaters and a generously stocked bar for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. We also provide all plates, napkins and serving utensils on a beautifully arranged buffet table. You never have to estimate how much your guests might consume. We guarantee there is no running out and no fees for those who consume a “little extra”. So you can sit back, chow down, and say cheers with all your friends and family. 

So there you have it folks, the best budget wedding in all of KC! Click below to browse our package offerings and find the perfect date to celebrate your big day at The Vow Exchange!

A Tribute To Dads!

They say a dad is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. On wedding day, Dad is right there to witness as his son vows to be the hero of his own new family. Before "I do", Dad shares a special moment with his daughter as he escorts her down the aisle and passes her over to the new love of her life.

The grooms who have children of their own know how special and unique that bond is. Some of the most heartwarming moments captured that day can be between the groom and his little ones. 

So in celebration of Father's Day, here are a few of our favorite moments with dear ol' dad on wedding day!

Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Megan & Jeff-087.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Megan & Jeff-256.jpg
Kansas_City_Small_Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Budget_Affordable_Sandy & Merle -113.jpg

"We did it!"

This moment, your first steps taken as a couple back up the aisle and into the adventure you are beginning together, is the moment The Vow Exchange has orchestrated just for you. The dramatic setting captured behind you. The beautiful flowers in hand and on lapel. The look of joy after sharing your vows during the ceremony we composed for you. But mostly, the feeling of relief as you realize you just escaped months worth of stress, planning and overspending. This is the moment you take your love's hand as your hearts overflow with the feeling that can only be described as "We did it!" 

Best Friends Forever!

Your crew, your mates, your partners in crime. No matter what you call them, your best friends can be the most important and influential people in your life. The bond between best friends can be stronger than family. That's why it's only natural to have them right by your side on your wedding day!

When you start a new chapter in life, who better to help celebrate than your bffs?

When your bffs know you are marrying the man of your dreams.


When your best friend has your back (and your dress).

When you and your best friend drink and can't stop laughing the rest of the night.

When your girls do their magic and make you look and feel like a bride!

Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Best+Friends_Megan & Jeff-204.jpg

When your best man knows you so well he absolutely nails his speech.

When your best friends show their love and support (literally).


When you and your besties KNOW you look good whether in robes...


...or in gowns!

When you are your girls as so close you're practically sisters!

When you and your friends get together and can't contain your excitement.

And best of all, when you get to marry your best friend!

Constance & Carissa - Completely Captivating

Constance and Carissa are one of the most spectacular couples we've ever had the pleasure of helping get hitched! Just glimpsing at their photos, you can get a sense of what a beautiful couple they are - inside and out. Their love filled the air and all of Kansas City that day. Thank you Constance and Carissa for allowing us to help you start a new beginning together!

Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-040b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-124b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-240b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-264b.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-261.jpg
Kansas+City_Small+Wedding_Venue_Elope_Intimate_Ceremony_Constance & Carissa-313b.jpg

Thank You For Your Service: A Memorial Day Tribute

This Memorial Day we want to send a heart felt thank you to all the service men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country. Here at The Vow Exchange, we have been fortunate enough to have several military couples celebrate their big day with us and it's a privilege we don't take lightly! Whether you need to make it official before you deploy, or you want to have an all out celebration with your military family, we treasure the opportunity to make your wedding the best day ever.

In honor of this Memorial Day, join us in taking a look back at some of our favorite military men & women!

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.
— Gen. James H. Doolittle

Melanie & David - Summer Lovin'

Everything about Melanie & David's wedding was bright, bold, and BEAUTIFUL! These two love birds had a summer time wedding at The Vow Exchange with a Bottles & Bites Reception. They tied the knot, kissed under the sun, sipped champagne, cut the cake, and danced the night away! They celebrated their love with their closest friends and family and we were so honored to be a part of it all! Take a peek at their celebration and join us in saying cheers to the happy couple and their adorable family!


Celebrating Moms: Our Mentors, Our Best Friends, and Our #1 Fans!

Moms run the world. Or at least our world! Moms give us guidance, love, and support from Day 1. They teach us, nurture us, and eventually when it is time, they help us fly on our own. No day is that more true than on wedding day! Moms pin the boutonnieres, adjust the veils, and wipe away the tears of joy. Mom mode can't be turned off! That is especially the case for all the brides out there who are moms themselves! There's something so special about having your little one & bff be a part of your big day!

So this is a tribute to all the great moms out there. Whether you're Mom, Step-Mom, Mother-in-law, Grandma, or Mom-to-be, we want to thank you for all the love you pour out into this world! 


That look of love between a mom and her son as she pins his boutonniere!


The special, unbreakable, bond between a mother and her daughter captured right after the ceremony.

Big smiles with Mom before the big moment!


Moms can make the best escorts down the aisle. 


There's nothing like a hug from Mom before saying "i do"!


Grandma smiling as she knows her little girl is starting a family of her own.


This mom-to-be is absolutely glowing in her wedding gown!


Only Mom can get the final touches on the dress just right.


These two handsome boys got all dressed up for Momma!


Wedding Day for this little girl means mom helping apply lipstick for the first time!


These little ones were filled with emotion as their family is now complete!


Even when it's "Their day", moms never stop giving their love and attention!


The First dance between a mom and her newly wedded son brings a special kind of joy!


A mom's love is pure, sweet, and fierce! Their support is so meaningful, especially on wedding day!

The Best Day of The Year: Modern Twists on Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Happy Anniversary...to us! It's hard to believe but the Vow Exchange is officially 5 years old! One of the best things about being around for 5 years has been seeing all of our wonderful couples celebrate their own anniversaries. Whether it's your first anniversary and you're busting that wedding cake out of the freezer or it's your fifth anniversary and you want to celebrate conquering half a decade together - we've got the perfect gift ideas for you!

According to the one and only Martha Stewart, no one knows for sure who came up with the accepted list of themed gifts for each wedding anniversary, but it's a tradition that's been around for over a century! Although some of the themes may seem a little out-dated, we found modern gift ideas that celebrate the grand tradition but in a way that makes sense for the 21st century! 




There's a lot of pressure to get the 1st anniversary gift just right. Absolutely "wow" your spouse with a personalized book expressing all the reasons you two were meant to be!

YEAR 2: Cotton


Swell Forever Blanket

Snuggle up with your sweetheart in a cozy cotton blanket with a personalized tag memorializing your love forever.



Real Leather Wedding Date Key Chains

This set comes with one for your honey and one to keep for yourself! These real leather keychains are a constant reminder of the vows your took 3 years ago and of the life you've built together since.



Bridal Bouquet Embroidery

There is some debate on whether the 4th anniversary gift is supposed to be flowers or linen. So why not get a gift that covers both?! Just send a picture of the bridal bouquet from your big day and Miss Konvalia will hand embroider a replica that makes the most sentimental keepsake ever!



Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set

Couples who cook together stay together! There are a lot of extravagant things you can buy for a 5th year anniversary gift. But here in Kansas City, grabbing a couple of beers and gathering around some BBQ is just about the best way you can celebrate!

Old School Cool: Our 7 Favorite Vintage Accessories!

Blast from the past! We've spent the past 6 months designing and decorating our new venue, The Chapel at Heritage Hall. Inspired by the building's 1920's roots, we filled the space with vintage finds and art deco decor. With the 20's on our mind, we went back through and revisited some of of our favorite vintage accessories worn by our own Vow Exchange brides. We are obsessing over these and have a feeling you will too!

Are you prepping for your own big day? We took the liberty of finding similar but equally special items that you can buy straight on etsy! 

Heritage Hall: The Making of a Wedding Chapel

Back in October 2017, the team at The Vow Exchange Events broke ground on a new wedding chapel! The beautiful corner spot in the Historic Heritage Hall building was once a Mexican Restaurant in it’s former life. At the time it was perhaps the furthest thing from a wedding chapel, but we could immediately see the potential with its wall to wall 12 foot arched windows and it's 1920's vintage roots.

Roughly 6 months later, we opened our doors and wed the sweetest couple! See images of the journey we took by checking out some of our favorite before and after pics below.

You will be blown away by our HGTV style make over! 

CLICK HERE: to come see the venue for yourself at one of our upcoming open houses! 


One of our favorite parts of our "Everything" ceremonies are the phenomenal floral arrangements that our partner florists create for our couples! 

The Vow Exchange expert florists, Jillian and Jessica, consistently "wow" us with luscious, hand-tied, fresh flower bouquets. Best of all, we have perfected the customization process so making your dream bouquet is easy, affordable, and fun! You can even add on coordinating flowers for your wedding party! 

We went through our 5 years of Vow Exchange bridal bouquets and picked out our 10 favorite Springtime arrangements to share with you! Which one would you want to carry down the aisle?


This March The Vow Exchange Chapel is offering FREE WEDDINGS!

That's right, get hitched in our little chapel in the Crossroads with up to 10 of your favorite folks by your side. You could be one of 7 lucky couples to win a free 15 Minute Mini Ceremony with photography. Our 15 Minute Mini Ceremonies are perfect for the couple who is looking to tie-the-knot courthouse style but in a beautifully decorated venue (instead of well...the courthouse). 

Simply complete the application form below and see if you will be Lucky In Love this March!

Winners will be announced on St. Patrick's Day, so apply today. 

Kansas City-Small Wedding-Elope-Reception-Intimate-Ceremony-Mini Ceremony-Giveaway-Free Wedding-Melanie&David_149b.jpg


Ahhh! Megan and Jeff! These two sweeties joined us last April and let us create a wonderful wedding for them so they could just kick back and be in love. Sounds impossible, but it's not! We have heard many stories about couples who have had it with the ordeal of wedding planning. Our Bottles & Bites Receptions include the ceremony, cake, champagne toasts, beer and wine bar, first dances, and cocktail party buffet. We can even add on flowers and photography to complete the party. We will take care of every little thing so you can just relax, focus on your loved ones, and have the best day ever!

See all about the Bottles & Bites package here: 

Where to begin! Our wedding in April couldn’t have been more perfect. From day one Amy was helpful, quick to respond and eager to help with any of our needs. The Vow Exchange is the only way to do a wedding in my opinion. From the officiant, ceremony, food, drinks, cake, photography, music and ambiance. This place does it all. We could’t be more happy with our special day and you seriously CAN’T beat the price, especially for the services you receive.
— Megan M. Shawnee, KS : via YELP

Happy Anniversary to Kansas City's Most Deserving Couple!

It's hard to believe it's been a full year since we celebrated with this amazing couple! ICYMI, The Vow Exchange (along with a fantastic group of local KC wedding vendors) hosted a contest in early 2016 to find Kansas City's Most Deserving Couple. Their magical day, October 8, 2016, was captured and shared in the 2016 December issue of HerLife Magazine. Where as the magazine may no longer be on the shelves, we can all relive their special day here (along with a few extra shots that didn't make the article cut)! Congrats Marlena & Adam. You are truly two of the most deserving folks we've met!


More Space, More Room to #ExchangeLove

After three years of seeing couples into wedded bliss at The Vow Exchange in the Crossroads, it is time for a refresh. Excitedly, The Vow Exchange Crossroads venue will be getting a small design update, mainly minor adjustments to some of our furniture and space configuration, effective December 1, 2017.

Couples might remember seeing a table with miscellaneous decor, as well as the legacy table, sometimes filled with photos and wedding mementos in honor of owner, Kathryn Hogan’s parents and grandparents and other times filled with personal memories for couples.  Now, those pieces have been replaced and what is the result? More seating for wedding guests!  “Through our four years, the one request unanimously made by our couples has been for additional seating. This update will allow our couples to invite up to 50 seated guests, 12 more seats than we can currently accommodate,” Hogan emphasizes.

This change was just one piece of feedback from couples who walked into forever at The Vow Exchange.  Hogan also adds, “We will be creating a super cute photo backdrop wall for even more places in our venue to capture your day. We think couples are going to really love the update.”

These updates will be available at The Vow Exchange as of December 1, 2017.  

 Main seating: The legacy table and buffet are removed for space for almost double the number of seats up front.

Main seating: The legacy table and buffet are removed for space for almost double the number of seats up front.

 In place of the entry table with miscellaneous decor, couples will enjoy a fun, elegant and welcoming wall perfect for a photo backdrop.

In place of the entry table with miscellaneous decor, couples will enjoy a fun, elegant and welcoming wall perfect for a photo backdrop.

 A pair of console tables with customized couple’s initials frame the entrance from the bridal lounge creating a perfect place to sign the marriage license, display personal photos & cut the cake (if included).

A pair of console tables with customized couple’s initials frame the entrance from the bridal lounge creating a perfect place to sign the marriage license, display personal photos & cut the cake (if included).