Joy & Phil - Country Cuties

We are big fans of fall here in Kansas City and there is something extra special about getting married during the season of change. Joy & Phil will go down as one of our all time favorite fall weddings (and for good reason, as you’ll soon see). Joy & Phil look like they were born to be married in our little farmhouse chic chapel. But more importantly, they look like they were born to be married to each other. They truly look like they fit together, especially when they kiss which they do...a lot! These cuties take country chic to the next level and serve as perfect inspiration for any couple wanting a fall farmhouse affair! But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself!



Find your perfect package for your very own fabulous fall wedding!


7 Alternative Wedding Registries For Unique Couples!

Wedding registries are just another thing on the long list of wedding traditions that no longer make sense for couples getting married in the 21st century. For starters, a lot of couples getting married today have already started building their lives together well before making it legally official. But besides that, there’s a multitude of reasons couples no longer want to walk around Bed, Bath and Beyond making a registry that has matching towels, plates, and silverware. We’re not the only ones who have noticed the trend of couples moving away from that kind of old school wish list. In fact, there have been several companies to embrace the trend and start offering new and improved wedding registries. We’ve rounded up 7 different alternative wedding registries that are perfect for the frugal, adventurous, artistic, generous, unique and/or quirky couple!

1. SimpleRegistry

SimpleRegistry is the futuristic way of doing a wedding registry. Instead of being stuck to just one store, you can build your dream registry including those off the shelf items from all your favorite places. But it doesn’t stop there because you can also add in things you can’t get off the shelf. So go ahead and register that special smoothie blender you’ve been wanting, and put it right next to a hot air balloon ride for two!

© SimpleRegistry LLC 2004-2019 All Rights Reserved ®

© SimpleRegistry LLC 2004-2019 All Rights Reserved ®

2. Honeyfund

It’s hard enough for couples to afford everything it costs to throw a wedding these days not even including a honeymoon. So why not forgo the gifts and instead, ask your guests to help send you on a trip you’ll never forget? If it were me, I’d do the 7 day cruise around the Hawaiian islands - an approximately $7k trip broken down into 120 affordable gifts!

© 2005-2019, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2005-2019, Inc. All rights reserved.

3. Etsy

Everyone knows Etsy, but did you know they have a wedding registry service?! Etsy is the perfect place to host your registry if you and your partner want your home filled with handmade goods rather than whatever is on the shelf at Target that season.

© 2019 Etsy, Inc.

© 2019 Etsy, Inc.

4. Blue Apron

While this one may not technically fall under “registry” it’s still a great alternative gift. If you don’t already know, Blue Apron is a home delivery service that brings a box of fresh ingredients that are ready to cook straight to your door. Lucky for newlyweds, Blue Apron offers two person meal plans that come with detailed cooking instructions so you can learn how to cook new dishes together. Skip the traditional registry and bon appetit with Blue Apron instead!

© Blue Apron All Rights Reserved

© Blue Apron All Rights Reserved

5. Facebook Fundraiser

Turn your wedding into a force for good by asking your guest to donate to your favorite charity. Make it easy for your guests to contribute and keep track of how much you raise by creating a Facebook Fundraiser.

Facebook © 2019

Facebook © 2019

6. ThirstyNest

I’m gonna let ThirstyNest introduce themselves: “We’re the only place on the interweb where you can select bottles and barware for your first home together all in one gift registry. Isn’t that so cute?”. We just love this one because, after all, a couple who drinks together, stays together!

© ThirstyNest All Rights Reserved

© ThirstyNest All Rights Reserved

7. Dominos Pizza

We saved the best for last! Yes, you can finally get hot, cheesy, melt in your mouth, dominos pizza as a WEDDING GIFT. In possibly the best PR move of all time, Domino’s Pizza announced they would be “the first registry for couples who prefer delicious melty cheese to crystal gravy boats.” Yum!

©2019 Domino’s IP Holder LLC.

©2019 Domino’s IP Holder LLC.

Have you used one of these non-traditional wedding registries? If so, leave your comment below! We would love to know if they are as awesome as they seem!

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The Making of a Mural

We moved into our chapel in the Crossroads Arts District 5 years ago! In that time we’ve seen the neighborhood explode with the coolest street art in the city (and we would argue, the world). We have been wanting to add our own colorful addition to the neighborhood and after months of planning, prepping, and painting, we debuted our gift to the city at “First Fridays” on May 3rd! Now we want to take you behind the scenes of the making of our mural!

Step 1: The Design

Going in we knew we wanted to create a beautiful mural as a gift to this amazing city and the fabulous people in it. We also knew we wanted to spruce up our little alley in the crossroads and make it really POP! So that left us with a lot of options, which is why this step took the most time.

We reached out to the city to make sure we were following the rules and regulations. Thinking there would be red tape, we were pleasantly surprised when we received nothing but green lights and encouragement.

Which reminded us once again why we wanted to add our own little contribution to this great city. That’s when it all came together. We would have bluebirds on a dogwood tree as those are Missouri’s state bird & tree. And as we are self-proclaimed love junkies, the phrase “Follow Your Heart” felt like a given. The heart would be anatomical to match the aesthetic of the surrounding Crossroads murals! With her KC Art Institute background and a little help from Google, our own Amy Rizzo quickly had the design mocked up and we were in love!


Step 2: The Supplies

We knew our mural was going to present certain challenges because of it being on the street. We would need a road paint that dries quickly and can withstand cars and heavy rain. Oh and we needed about 10 different colors because of our design. After some research we landed on Sherwin Williams Pro Park Paint and it was perfect for what we needed. With a red, blue, yellow, and white, we were able to mix up our desired colors in about a dozen dollar store plastic containers.


We have a go big or go home mentality. So we wanted to have dogwood flowers leading down the alley from our mural to the steps of The Vow Exchange Chapel. We went to work making stencils, first by printing the flowers on extra large paper and then tracing them onto a thin bristol board and poster board. Using our handy dandy exacto knife, we cut out the stencils for each flower pattern.


Step 3: Outline & Paint

Now a mural this size is not easy to free hand. So we knew we needed a way to trace the design. We did a little experiment by printing the design on a transparency paper and holding a flashlight behind to project the image. Before long, one of us was standing on a 14ft ladder in the dark of night, holding a flashlight and a flimsy piece of paper, while the other quickly traced the image with sidewalk chalk. By the grace of God our chalk outline was still there in the morning and we were ready for the paint to hit the road!


Our dogwood flower stencils had their first test run and passed with flying colors! One down, twenty more to go!


Step 4: Party & Pose

After two long weeks, we put down the brushes, washed the paint out of our hair, and called it a wrap! We debuted our baby to the world during the “First Fridays” celebration on May 3rd - exactly 5 years after our grand opening! It has been a blast seeing our little gift to the city get discovered by our friends, neighbors, and fellow Kansas Citians!


Now come on down to our little alley in The Crossroads (between McGee & Oak) to see our Follow Your Heart mural in person! Don’t forget to take your picture and tag it #FollowYourHeartKC


Join us every first friday for our 2019 summer block party series! Come down to The Crossroads for “First Fridays” and stop by to hang out with your friends at The Vow Exchange Chapel!


Shonie & Monty - Military "I Do" Redo

Military men, women, and their families make sacrifices on a daily basis that often go overlooked and under appreciated. That is why we believe it is so important to take a moment to thank all those who serve and acknowledge every sacrifice they make, from the small every day ones to the ultimate sacrifice. Shonie & Monty are just one military couple who have given up so much for the greater good of our country. They completely uprooted their lives and gave up the comforts of home. They put personal dreams on the back burner. And they had to forgo their ideal wedding for a license signing ceremony (with no rings or even photography).

Now like most military families, Shonie & Monty are not the type to complain and will make their sacrifices in silence. They did what they had to do to be together and that was that. But when they got word that they were being transferred all the way to Alaska, they knew they wanted to have a real wedding right here in Kansas City. So they finally got their ideal wedding, which for Shonie & Monty meant a mini ceremony with their son & friend by their side and a few pictures that will last a lifetime. We were so very honored to help give Shonie & Monty their well deserved “I Do Redo”.



Hear how Shonie & Monty met and watch them renew their vows on the new episode of “15 Minute Wedding”!


Heroes in Love: 11 Comic Couples Walk Down the Aisle

Comic romances are a favorite of The Vow Exchange owner, Kathryn Hogan, who married comic artist, Melvin Hogan. Since marrying her comic hubby, she collects comic wedding issues and art work. “I find it so inspiring that no matter how big and powerful these characters are, their love for each other is even more powerful. Their wedding “portraits” literally make me ‘squee’!”

Comic books are such a centerpiece of Kathryn & Mel’s relationship that they co-create & publish their own comic “Luna”. They have been invited by Kansas City’s local comic cons to give panels on what it is like as a husband and wife team creating a comic book. “We have a fan base of folks who enjoy our comic and now what appears to be a sub-fan group of couples who are working to co-create comics of their own. It’s fun to create, but even more fun when creating with your better half by your side.”

Dive into the rabbit hole of comic book universes with us as we divulge our top 11 favorite comic book weddings! 

1. Spider-man & Mary Jane Watson

In The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 Mary Jane and Peter Parker finally tie the knot! The "Special Wedding Issue' came out in 1987 and was such a big deal they even had designer Willi Smith create her dress! Aunt May sweetly gives her blessing but reminds Peter to always save some love for her. Awe!

2. Superman & Lois Lane

The couple everyone knows and loves officially wed in 1996 with the debut of Superman: The Wedding Album. Batman even makes a brief appearance, offering an apartment to the soon-to-be newlyweds and gathering fellow superheroes to watch after Metropolis while the two honeymoon in Hawaii.

The couple kissed in print and on screen as the comic book release coincided with the wedding episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. 

3. Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

This powerful duo decided to exchange vows in New Avengers Annual # 1 which launched over a decade ago in June 2006. There are a lot of great moments during the long awaited wedding between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. For instance, their officiant looks to be the one and only Stan Lee! On top of that gem, Jessica decides on the spot to say her own vows, telling Luke how she loves watching him be a father. It's no surprise this issue is rightfully titled "Happily Ever After"!

4. Joker & Harley Quinn

This toxic relationship (both literally and figuratively) is a favorite among fans. Because villains need love too, right? Well in 2017's Harley Quinn Vol 3 #13, we see that love story fully evolve as Joker & Harley Quinn kiss at the alter, honeymoon in Europe, and raise four little ones. We even see Joker on his deathbed being comforted by Harley Quinn and exchanging one last "I love you". But alas, we soon find out this is just a dream in Joker's temporarily unconscious mind. 

5. Cyclops & Jean Grey

Cyclops & Jean Grey have a glamorous affair in the 1994 comic X-Men Vol 2 #30. Jean is decked out with an epic veil, full length mermaid gown, and long white gloves. Cyclops is looking suave himself as the couple embraces surrounded by abundant floral arrangements. Needless to say, this couple is on fire! 

6. Apollo & Midnighter

This super hero couple holds a special place in our hearts. Although there had been other LGBT superheroes previously, the July 2002 release of The Authority #29 marked the first gay marriage in a popular comic book. You can feel the love jumping off the page in this image as the minister declares "you may kiss the groom, boys"!

7. Black Canary & Green Arrow

The Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special #1, released in November 2007, is a star studded affair. The cover boasts "Everyone who's anyone in the DCU will be there!" and they live up to that promise. The Justice League of America come to congratulate the happy couple including Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman just to name a few. 

8. Black Panther & Storm

The wedding in Wakanda in 2006's Black Panther Volume 4: #18 is one for the ages. Oprah makes an appearance as a wedding guest and Prince even plays at their wedding reception! On a more serious note, it serves as a literal cease-fire during the otherwise intense civil war between the Avengers. Although only briefly, both Iron Man and Captain America show up in support of Black Panther & Storm. No surprise this super hero wedding packs a punch of drama. 

9. Bruce Banner & Betty Ross

Bruce & Betty get hitched in May 1986 in Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #319. You may notice Betty's INCREDIBLE wedding gown. It was actually passed down through the family from her grandmother! Speaking of family, there is plenty of family drama at this superhero wedding. When asked if anyone objects to the marriage, Betty's father shows up waving a gun around and before he is contained, he manages to shoot Banner's best man. But don't worry! While bleeding on the ground, his best man insists the wedding goes on as he can't bare to be the reason the two aren't officially wed. So the ceremony resumes and ends with a kiss!

10. Batman & Catwoman

Batman Vol 3 #50 came out recently - on July 4th, 2018 to be specific - so if you don't want spoilers scroll down NOW! We couldn't help but include the highly anticipated union of Batman & Catwoman on our favorites list, however it must be stated that the two didn't actually make it down the aisle. But don't be sad! This story is truly a testament to their eternal love. Catwoman knew that her love for Batman was so strong she couldn't selfishly become his wife because she believed it would ultimately lead to the hero's downfall. We will keep dreaming about this couple getting hitched one day, but for now we are just thrilled we got to see Catwoman in that gorgeous wedding gown!

11. Reed Richards & Sue Storm

Saving the best for last? That's what happened in Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 #3. Even though the wedding is teased on the cover, the actual ceremony doesn't happen until the very end after several duels between heroes and villains. You can tell this issue was published in 1965 with lines such as "far out" from wedding guest, The Human Torch. Things go meta during the reception as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby try to crash the party but aren't allowed in without an invite!

All Marvel Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1941-2018 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1938-2018 DC Comics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


7 Big Jobs For Little Kids On Wedding Day (Besides Flower Girl & Ring Bearer)

We’ve seen trends rise and fall over the years as we’ve facilitated over hundreds of weddings in the heart of the country. There is one specific trend that we’ve seen gain popularity at our small wedding chapels (and for good reason I might add). As the modern family has grown and evolved, so have traditional wedding roles. Today, couples are looking for ways to incorporate their kids in their wedding ceremony in more meaningful ways. And that is the kind of trend we can totally get behind!

To encourage this family focused trend, we’ve laid out 7 big jobs that are the perfect fit for your little helpers!

1. Guest Reading

What could be a better tribute than a passage read by your kid from a favorite book, or better yet, something they wrote straight from the heart.


2. Escort

Who better to walk you down the aisle than your mini me?

Anne Marie & John VX-81.jpg

3. Sand Ceremony Participant

Let your kiddo get creative with you and make an art piece that can be displayed in your home forever.


4. Dance Partner

Share a dance to your special song with your little super star!


5. Best Man or Maid of Honor

Any parent knows, your kid is your real BFF. And it only makes sense to make your BFF your Best Man (or Maid of Honor).


6. Flower Fairy

Contrary to a flower girl, a flower fairy passes out single stem flowers to guests of honor as she comes down the aisle.


7. Toast Giver

Pass the mic to the little girl with the big voice and your guests are guaranteed to tear up!


Check out our pinterest board full of cute kids playing big roles on wedding day!

The Best Day of The Year: Modern Twists on Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Happy us! It's hard to believe but the Vow Exchange is officially 5 years old! One of the best things about being around for 5 years has been seeing all of our wonderful couples celebrate their own anniversaries. Whether it's your first anniversary and you're busting that wedding cake out of the freezer or it's your fifth anniversary and you want to celebrate conquering half a decade together - we've got the perfect gift ideas for you!

According to the one and only Martha Stewart, no one knows for sure who came up with the accepted list of themed gifts for each wedding anniversary, but it's a tradition that's been around for over a century! Although some of the themes may seem a little out-dated, we found modern gift ideas that celebrate the grand tradition but in a way that makes sense for the 21st century! 




There's a lot of pressure to get the 1st anniversary gift just right. Absolutely "wow" your spouse with a personalized book expressing all the reasons you two were meant to be!

YEAR 2: Cotton


Swell Forever Blanket

Snuggle up with your sweetheart in a cozy cotton blanket with a personalized tag memorializing your love forever.



Real Leather Wedding Date Key Chains

This set comes with one for your honey and one to keep for yourself! These real leather keychains are a constant reminder of the vows your took 3 years ago and of the life you've built together since.



Bridal Bouquet Embroidery

There is some debate on whether the 4th anniversary gift is supposed to be flowers or linen. So why not get a gift that covers both?! Just send a picture of the bridal bouquet from your big day and Miss Konvalia will hand embroider a replica that makes the most sentimental keepsake ever!



Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set

Couples who cook together stay together! There are a lot of extravagant things you can buy for a 5th year anniversary gift. But here in Kansas City, grabbing a couple of beers and gathering around some BBQ is just about the best way you can celebrate!

Jana & Cory - Big Day With Little Helpers

We are so very excited to be sharing a piece of Jana & Cory’s wedding day with you all! The Chapel on The Corner was the perfect fit for these young lovebirds who just wanted a place to get married in a small but special way. As you will see, Jana & Cory have the most adorable family! So it’s no surprise they opted to have their wedding be an intimate, family focused affair. They gave their little helpers the big job of holding onto the rings and they absolutely stole the show! We feel lucky to have helped facilitate such a special moment for such special people and feel even more lucky to be sharing that moment with the world!