TVX ARCHIVES: Jenny & Waylon's Invincible Love

Owning a wedding business I get the pleasure of joining in the many wedding celebrations we host at The Vow Exchange. I see it all, the big moments, the small moments and through it all I am always inspired by the love shared by the couple and their family and friends. As is the case in the wedding celebration for Jenny & Waylon, a couple who met at work and whose family very much included their fellow co-workers and friends. Immediately I could see the strong bond this couple had not only to each other, but to their guests. So much so that the Groom and his best guys joined forces to pay homage to America's most beloved Super Heroes! But the real Hollywood moment came when an estranged family member arrived to join the celebration and walk the Bride down the aisle. I will never forget Jenny and Waylon's celebration which was nothing short of epic!

PACKAGE:  The Farmhouse
PHOTOGRAPHY: The Vow Exchange
FLOWERS: couple provided
OFFICIATING: The Vow Exchange
(Note: location at 2005 Campbell Street is closed)

Photography by Meg Kumin, a photographer for The Vow Exchange