A Non-Traditional Bachelorette Party Bus.

Okay everyone, I have now deemed Fridays to be Local Flavor Friday! This is the day of the week where I feature some awesome local Kansas City gem to inspire some aspect of your Kansas City wedding celebration. This week’s feature brings a unique solution when planning a different kind of bachelorette party.

When one thinks of a party bus, one might picture a 40 ft land yacht complete with neon flashing lights, booming music and on occasion a recreational stripper pole (imagine that going 65mph down I35). While that might be fun for some (I admit to a crazy party bus stripper pole encounter in my days past), some gals are looking for something a little more low key. Okay, now imagine a bus filled with vintage goodies, local handmade baubles, and a host of supplies to make your own whatever-you-can-imagine. Now imagine this bus is powder-blue, has quilted seats and a mustache on the front grille. You have just pictured Jessica Rogers’ mobile boutique CartWheel, Kansas City’s most charming chameleon business! Perfect for gals who love to be creative, CartWheel allows you to share the DIY spirit with a few of your closest pals. CartWheel is available for private parties and can be spotted around town as a boutique, hosting pop-up parties and craft workshops. This non-traditional local gem is a much more creative and classier way to help the Bride-to-be celebrate her big day!