"I did", "I do" and "I would" all over again!

This coming Saturday my husband and I will be celebrating 11 years married. I am always so inspired on our anniversary, so much so that our 10th year inspired The Vow Exchange! I like to think that every year on the 7th of December I am a bride again and Mel is my groom. I usually buy something white to wear out at our celebratory dinner and I always wear the scent of gardenia, the main flower in my bouquet. Something about the cool temperature, the way the day light dims early and that iconic scent of gardenia really brings me back to the magic of our wedding day. It is a day just for the two of us to remember and celebrate that promise we made many years ago, and that we would do it all over again every year if we could. We finally did make good on that thought last year when we renewed our vows for our 10th anniversary. This celebration was just as magical (in different ways) than our wedding day 10 years ago. I encourage anyone who has put the time, commitment and care into a marriage to consider renewing vows after even 1 year of marriage. On your actual wedding day, though a thoughtful and meaningful day, you are not entirely aware of the diligent work that goes into a marriage. And for that reason you are not entirely aware of the reward that comes with that work and dedication. When you renew your vows, you are not just saying that you promise to keep your commitment, because that promise means more now that you have a few years under your belt. You are promising to keep that commitment now with the full knowledge of what it takes to make that other person happy, giving a whole new meaning to "I do".

Today's link is for couples who have considered getting re-married. The expense of the actual wedding day may deter any thoughts of re-doing such an elaborate event. However, this nugget of charm and gorgeousness shows us a celebration that is intimate, elegant and not bank busting. Hosted here in our home town Kansas City, Jessica and Hunter re-exchange their vows in Alea Lovely's photo studio located in the historic Bauer Building in the Crossroads. This couple shows how beautiful doesn't have to be big, and a wedding doesn't always have to be white (we love her black tulle gown!). We hope this inspires all our already married couples to plan an anniversary celebration worthy of their hard work and commitment. Let this be the year you say "I did", "I do" and "I would" all over again!