Welcome to our info hub! Here you will find helpful information as you pre-pare for your wedding with us. 

What to tell your guests

Below is a link to send to your guests with our location and parking information as well as the address to include on your invitations. 

3801 Gillham Rd
Kansas City, MO 64111


Timeline for the Big Day!



 - The Vow Exchange will be open to the couple and arriving guests up to 60 minutes prior to the event start time.

- Upon arriving, your officiant and photographer (if included in your package) as well as your host will greet both the bride and groom. This is the perfect time to hand your marriage certificate paperwork to the officiant and they will begin preparing it for after the ceremony.

- When the bride arrives, she may wait in the Bridal Lounge. The Bridal Lounge offers privacy to change into the dress if desired.

- If your package includes flowers, they will be waiting for you when you arrive at The Pilgrim Chapel.

- For packages including photography, your photographer will spend a little time capturing the moments before the start of your ceremony. 


- After you and the groom feel that everyone is there and seated, we will start the wedding procession.

- Your procession can include anyone you like in whatever order you would like and the host will be there to help walk you through it beforehand. Your host will line up and cue your wedding party to walk down the aisle and will play the music.

- The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes.

- After the ceremony, the new couple may spend the remainder of their time visiting with guests and taking photos with family, friends, wedding party and couple shots. For packages including photography, there is no need to provide a list of shots unless there is something unusual you would like your photographer to capture.


- For packages including a photography, your photographer will let you know when the time in your space is coming to a close. For all other packages, your host will notify you.

- For packages including photography, a link to your photo gallery will be mailed to you about 5 weeks after your wedding.



If you have not done so already, browse our FAQ page to find out more detailed information about our venue, services, places to party afterwards, payment information and more!

Thank you and we look forward to celebrating with you soon!