PHOTOGRAPHER vendor guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for photographing weddings at The Vow Exchange.

Review "Event Notes" on the digital bulletin board for details regarding the upcoming scheduled event
Prepare any personal equipment needed to capture the event (accounting for the time of day or night) including lighting, flashes, memory cards, etc.
Prepare to use multiple memory cards throughout event to avoid total loss in event of memory card corruption
Attire for events should be "put together" & appropriate for attending a wedding where guests are dressed in sequins or denim. Please refrain from pants that are denim or that have rips or holes.
Wear comfortable and quiet footwear as to not make sound when moving around during the ceremony. Please refrain from flip flops, loud flats, loud heels or loud boots.

Arrive to the venue, set up & ready to meet the couple 30 minutes before the start of the event
Park in designated parking areas. Please DO NOT park directly in front of the venue (It is okay to temporarily park in front to drop off equipment)
Maintain "matter-of-fact" but kind and helpful attitude with couple & guests
If possible, adjust attitude towards couple & guests to suit their personality
Turn electronic devices (phones, etc.) to silent
Be ready to capture a minimum of 3-5 options of the following KEY shots:

  • Details around the venue including the couple's personalized chalk board, banner, personal flowers, rings, bride's shoes, dress(es), jewelry & other accessories
  • Details of the Bride"s attire & hair
  • Bride affixing final details (veil, jewelry, lipstick, etc.)
  • Head-to-toe front “Bride only”
  • Head-to-toe back “Bride only” (if dress has a train or fancy back)
  • Portrait of “Bride only”
  • Guest of honor pinning boutonniere on Groom
  • Well composed “Groom only”
  • Portrait of “Groom only”

Work with the Host to queue the beginning of the ceremony
Be ready to capture a minimum of 3-5 options of the following KEY moments:

  • Head-to-toe of each & every member of the processional walking down aisle
  • Head-to-toe of The Bride & escort walking down the aisle (remember it’s ALL about the DRESS!)
  • The Bride’s escort “giving of the bride” (if applicable)
  • Centered & symmetrical head-to-toe shots of couple standing during ceremony at various points including:
    • exchange of vows
    • exchange of rings
    • lighting of unity candle/ pouring of sand
    • any other ceremony activity (blending of families, etc.)
  • Emotional moments between Bride & Groom
  • Centered & symmetrical wide view of entire front (including bridal party & entire wall)
  • Centered & symmetrical head-to-toe of the first kiss
  • Centered & symmetrical head-to-toe of the couple’s walk back down the aisle

Be ready to capture a minimum of 3-5 options of the following KEY shots:

  • Stills of sentimental decor including family photos, bouquet adornment, license, guest book, unity candle set up, sand ceremony set up, etc.
  • Centered & symmetrical group shots per couple’s request
  • Well composed “Couple’s portrait(s)” (With weather and light permitting, feel free to take couple (only) around neighborhood for a couple's only photo session)

For reception & cake events, be ready to capture a minimum of 3-5 options of the following KEY shots:

  • Stills of cake, couple's champagne glasses, cake topper & cake cutter
  • View of couple with individuals giving a toast
  • Centered & symmetrical view of couple sharing their champagne
  • Centered & symmetrical view of couple cutting their cake
  • Centered & symmetrical view of couple feeding each other cake
  • Centered & symmetrical view of any other "cake moments"
  • Head-to-toe of couple sharing first dance
  • Detail of couple sharing first dance
  • Shot of Bride or Groom sharing a dance with any key guest (Bride & father dance, Groom & mother dance, etc.)

Be on hand to snap as many "party pics" as the couple & guests desire
Be on hand to capture any spontaneous key or emotional moments between Bride &/or Groom & a guest
10 minutes before conclusion of the event, notify couple on "last call" for photos
Thank & congratulate couple at conclusion of the event

Prep digital images with appropriate sizing, overall lighting & color adjustments
1 week post event, watermark & upload 10-12 low resolution images to a "Preview Gallery" on Shootproof
Edit out all "duds" including unintentional closed eyes, blurry, off lighting, or otherwise lesser quality images
Organize & name files in chronological order
No later than 4 weeks post event, upload un-watermarked high resolution images to final gallery on Shootproof
Ensure all above mentioned key moments & shots are included in final gallery edit
For full gallery purchases, upload all images in color and black & white to provided USB drive and return to couple in provided water-resistant bubble mailer
Notify scheduler of completed gallery deliveries