Take a gander a these "photography hacks" to ensure a gorgeous gallery and a thrilled couple.


At The Vow Exchange we know weddings! Weddings are emotional iconic celebrations that come somewhat “predescribed” with hopes & expectations. Capturing those iconic moments will guarantee a super happy couple and lots of sales for our photographers. When photographing weddings it is important to remember a few things...

“the stops”

This day only happens once, hence the pulling out of all the stops. Capture "The Stops".

Aisle Style

It’s all about the fashion! Weddings are really a sentimental fashion show, so be sure to capture all the fantastic fashion that has been planned for months.  Head-to-toe shots of Bridesmaid dresses (down to their matching shoes), flower girl darling-ness, ring bearer-handsomeness, Groom’s swagger, elaborate hair, considered accessories, and most importantly the center of it all, the bride in THE DRESS. It’s ALL ABOUT THE DRESS! You can not capture enough head-to-toe shots of our lovely lady in her elaborate once in a lifetime gown (no matter how simple or over-the-top it is).

Once Upon A Time...

The ceremony IS the big story of the day (and of our couple’s life). The walk up and down the aisle, the ceremonial events during the ceremony, and of course THE KISS! The before and after moments are cool too, but it’s the ceremony that tells the story of our couple’s beginning to be shared with their future generations.

Aunt Mabel

Everyone near and far has come together. About the only time “Aunt Mabel” makes it across the country (or the world!) is for a funeral or a wedding. Don’t miss capturing “Aunt Mabel” and the rest of the gang.

A Perfect Vision

Focus first on “Perfect”, then second on “Creative”. Whether we like it or not, the couple and most importantly the bride has envisioned this day for years. You can never go wrong with a straightforward perfect shot which is how she already sees it (in her head). Let the creative shots be the cherry on top of a picture perfect day!


Even though she's crying the WHOLE WAY down the aisle, the bride will want to see her darling flower girl in the final gallery edit. No matter how ugly reality might be, our couples want to account for those most important moments. They may pass it up, but they WILL be none-too-pleased to not have the option to see those iconic moments included in their final gallery. So humor her (no matter how bad it hurts).

At the bare minimum

Because these shots tell “the story”, DO NOT MISS...

  • Bride affixing final details (viel, jewelry, lipstick, etc.)
  • Guest of honor pinning boutonniere on Groom
  • Head-to-toe of each & every member of the processional walking down aisle
  • Head-to-toe of The Bride & escort walking down the aisle (remember it’s ALL about the DRESS!)
  • The Bride’s escort “giving of the bride”
  • Centered & symetrical head-to-toe shots of couple standing during ceremony at various points including:
    • exchange of vows
    • exchange of rings
    • lighting of unity candle/ pouring of sand
    • any other ceremony activity (blending of families, etc.)
  • Emotional moments between Bride & Groom
  • Centered & symetrical wide view of entire front (including bridal party & entire wall)
  • Centered & symetrical head-to-toe of the first kiss
  • Centered & symetrical head-to-toe of the couple’s walk back down the aisle
  • Stills of sentimental decor (family photos, bouquet adornment, rings, bouquet/boutonniere, license, etc.)
  • Centered & symetrical group shots per couple’s request
  • Head-to-toe front “Bride only”
  • Head-to-toe back “Bride only” (if dress has a train or fancy back)
  • Well composed “Groom only”
  • Well composed “Couple’s portrait(s)” 

(HINT: The Bride/couple will hope for 3-5 options of each of these to select from)

Vow Exchange Photography "Greatest Hits"

Because it sells

We love to see our couples buy more images. The following are good bets to get sales...

  • “Glamour” shots of Bride & couple
  • Well composed shots of children
  • Well composed shots of Bride &/or Groom with parent(s)
  • Well composed shots of Bride &/or Groom with grandparent(s)
  • Well composed shots of Bride &/or Groom with close sibling/friend/family member
  • Well composed shots of Bride & Groom with their children
  • Emotional moments between Bride &/or Groom & a guest
  • Guests having “fun” (party pics)

Hit & Miss

These shots are cool to have but often get overlooked...

  • candid shots of guests (non-emotional mid-moment)
  • still life shots of decor (unless sentimental)
  • waist cropped images of big moments (unless focusing on a facial expression)

Get Ready. Set. Go!

Often great pictures comes from great planning. Below are some good tips to ensure nothing gets missed.

• Before they arrive, take a few minutes to style & shoot details specific to their event. The bouquet & boutonniere, the chalkboard & banner, can be easy to forget until it's too late.

• Feel free to connect with the helpful event host at the beginning of the event to coordinate key activities before they happen. Moments like "pinning the boutonniere" or  "the processional" are easier to capture when you know when they are about to happen. 

• Before group pictures get started, be sure to capture details they brought. The guest book someone made, the cherished photos of loved ones, the Unity Candle still lit, or the sand filled Ceremony Vessel can disappear quickly before you get a chance to capture it.

Thanks again for sharing your talent with our beautiful couples. Nothing is more satisfying than when a couple can relive the magic of their day through your eyes for years to come. We hope this has been a helpful guide to ensure happy couples and lots of sales!