Thank you again for selecting a photo package with The Vow Exchange! 

Below are instructions to select and order the photos included in your package.

Selecting your photos:

1) Click on provided link to your event photo gallery.

2) Select a photo you would like by adding it to your cart.

3) Select "Digital Media" tab, add 1 to the quantity, and click Add to Cart.

4) Repeat this for the number of digital photos included in your package.


Finalizing your order:

1) Click on the cart icon (top right corner) once all digital and printed photos are selected.

2) Review contents in cart for accuracy.

3) Enter the provided PROMO CODE and update cart.

4) Your cart balance will be at $0.00.

5) Click "Begin Checkout" and enter your shipping information.

6) You will receive an email with a confirmation for your order and a separate email with a link to your digital photos for download.

7) As soon as possible, click the link to download your images to your desktop computer. Your files will only be available for 90 days following your gallery delivery.

You may choose to select additional photos outside your package allotment. Below are instructions to add additional photos to your order.


Selecting additional photos:

Should you be interested to purchase a few extra images, simply add them to your cart. Once you enter your promo code, your balance will reflect only the price of those extra images (anything over 60) priced at $10 per high resolution image.


Photo Pick up FAQs

• Can others order photos from our gallery?
Yes, others can purchase photos from your gallery. They can create a cart with their selections and purchase from the site. Do keep in mind that the promo code has a one time use limit, so be careful not to forward that information to family and friends.

• How do we share our photos on Facebook?
There are two ways to share your photos on Facebook. One way is to click the share button on the photo from the gallery, however this posts a link to your entire gallery on Facebook. The other way is to post when you have downloaded the image file.

• What happens when our gallery expires? Will our photos disappear after the expiration date?
Each couple's gallery will be live for 90 days. After 90 days you may request an extension to keep it live. We deactivate galleries after a period of time to manage file space.

Thank you again and contact Mandie at should you encounter any difficulties.