officiant vendor guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for officiating weddings at The Vow Exchange.

Review "Event Notes" on the digital bulletin board for details regarding the upcoming scheduled event
Prepare materials for ceremony as specified by the couple using The Vow Exchange approved scripts and wording
Attire for events should be professional & appropriate for leading a wedding ceremony where guests are dressed in sequins or denim. Please refrain from pants or skirts that are denim. A jacket or cardigan sweater over a blouse/top or dress is recommended for ladies. A jacket over a collared shirt & tie (or clergy collar for ministers) is recommended for gentlemen. Religious garments are not needed or recommended.
Footwear with closed toes are recommended for gentlemen. Please refrain from flip flops or sport sneakers for both ladies and gentlemen.

Arrive to the venue ready to meet the couple no later than 15 minutes before the start of the event
Park in designated parking areas. Please DO NOT park directly in front of the venue
Meet individually with each person getting married to review & confirm ceremony details and most importantly the pronunciation of each name first & last (even if it it appears to be a common name)
If possible, adjust attitude towards couple to suit their personality
Maintain "matter-of-fact" but kind and helpful attitude with couple
Collect the marriage license from the couple (or the Host)
If time permits, begin filling out required information on the marriage license
Turn electronic devices (phones, etc.) to silent

Work with the Host to queue the beginning of the ceremony
Ensure you are positioned at the center of the aisle (as couple will align themselves to you)
Request the congregation to stand for the Bride when she enters the room & sit when she is "presented"  (if applicable)
Before beginning ceremony, instruct the Bride to hand off her flowers and hold hands with her partner
Take notice and find a solution should you and the couple be standing off center or remedy anything that is "off" about the set up of ceremony elements and participants
If possible, take note of the couple's energy & adjust to suit their needs. If you think they need a laugh, need to take a deep breath, slow down, or make it brief, they will have an overall better experience.
At the point you announce the couple as married and invite them to kiss, step over to the side to avoid being in photo for their big moment.
Before announcing the new couple, help the Bride retrieve her flowers and ask the couple to turn & face the group

Gather the couple's witnesses to complete the marriage license
Double check that the license is completed & correct
Personally congratulate the couple before departing the event
Record & return the completed license no later than the next business day after the event