Take a gander a these "officiating hacks" to ensure a special ceremony and a thrilled couple.

  • When you and the groom make your way to the front of the congregation, ensure you are standing where the two barn doors meet. If you are standing off center, the couple will also be standing off center.  Standing off center affects the symmetry of all the ceremony photos.
  • When the bride appears at the very back, ask the congregation to "Please stand for the bride." 
  • At the conclusion of the "presentation of the bride", ask the congregation to take their seats.
  • Before beginning the ceremony, quietly ask the bride to hand her bouquet to her maid of honor or someone close by.
  • Invite the couple to hold each other's hands
  • Keep in mind, at this point you are the master of this event. If something is out of place, you are the only appropriate person to correct it. Take notice and find a solution for the following:

- that you and the couple are still standing at the center of the barn doors
- anything that is "off" about the set up of ceremony elements and participants

Anything off that is not addressed may be caught on camera and may affect the couple's overall satisfaction with their experience at The Vow Exchange. It is best to gracefully "correct it" than to let it go and hope for the best.

  • Read the couple's energy. This comes with experience. Feel free to make small gestures to personally connect with them during their ceremony. If you think they need a laugh, need to take a deep breath, slow down, or make it brief, they will have an overall better experience.
  • At the point you announce the couple as married and invite them to kiss, step over to the side to avoid being in photo for their big moment.
  • While standing to the side, announce the new couple.
  • Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for joining another happy couple in marriage!