The "Orders" function in Booker allows the event manager to see & apply payments to a scheduled appointment. The following information will help you understand the "Orders" function in Booker.

signing in to booker

Log in at www.booker.com using the following credentials:

Account Name: vowex
Username: provided by your location manager
Password: provided by your location manager
(NOTE: You will be prompted to update your password when you first log in)


VIEW AN order:

To view & take a payment, right click on the appointment box and select "Take Deposit".
NOTE: DO NOT select "Take Payment/Check Out" as this information is inconclusive.


The Order page will display the service, the total cost of the service, the amount paid and the balance due. The Order page will also display if the customer has payment information on file under the PAYMENT section, under the "Payment On File" tab.
NOTE: A customer will only have payment information on file if they select the "save payment information" option when booking online OR if a representative from The Vow Exchange selects "save payment information" when manually taking a deposit.

Take a payment using "payment on file":

To take a payment using "Payment On File" click the blue link with the card type and card number. Then click "Take Deposit & Email Invoice" in the pop up window.
NOTE: Click this link ONLY when you intend to run the customer's card. A hold will be placed on the customer's card even if you do not complete "Take Deposit & Email Invoice".


The following window will display the customer's name and email address. Click "Send" and "Close" on the following window to ensure the customer receives their payment receipt.

TAKE A PAYMENT via credit card:

For customers who do not have information under "Payment On File," a manual credit card payment may be taken verbally with the customer (via in person or by phone).
NOTE: Currently there are no options for customers to make payments online towards their order.


Click the "Credit Card" tab and click the "Manually Enter" option on the left hand side. Enter the card information verbally provided by the customer, update the amount the customer would like to pay next to "Amount" and click "Save for Future Use". Follow the prompts to "Take Deposit & Email Invoice".
NOTE: The customer's credit card will not be run unless the "Take Deposit & Email Invoice" button has been clicked.


For customers who choose to pay with cash, click the "Cash" tab and update the amount the customer is paying next to "Amount". Click "Add this Payment" and follow the prompts to "Take Deposit & Email Invoice".


For customers who choose to pay with check, click the "Check" tab, enter their check number and update the amount the customer is paying next to "Amount". Click "Add this Payment" and follow the prompts to "Take Deposit & Email Invoice".

reviewing pament history:

Any new payment taken will display under DEPOSIT HISTORY and will reflect under the amount paid and balance due.

refunding a payment:

If you need to refund a payment, click the card with orange circle arrow icon next to the payment needing to be refunded. Refund the payment on a customer's card if possible (if a card has been used). If a card has not been used, refund the amount using the payment method used. 
NOTE: Check with your Location Manager to authorize a refund to a customer as not all payments are eligible for refund.


In Booker there are more than one ways to accomplish tasks, however not all roads lead to the correct outcome. When reviewing and taking payments, DO NOT look up the customer's order directly from the "Orders" tab. Doing so brings up a very similar but different screen that will not allow a credit card to be run for the payment amount, only capture the card information. ONLY access a customer's order via the "Take Deposit" option on the calendar view to successfully run a payment and collect the customer's money.


After the conclusion of an event (NOT before the conclusion), the order must be closed out. To do so, right click on the appointment box and select "Take Payment/Check-Out".


Click the "Close Order" button. The window will show the "Order is Closed" and a "Thank You" email will automatically send to the customer's email on file.
NOTE: Closing out an event before the conclusion will send the "Thank You" email prematurely AND will display this date & time as available on The Vow Exchange booking engine. DO NOT close before the end of the event.


Events that have been closed out display as dark grey on the appointments calendar.

Customers in booker

There may be times that you will need to access an appointment or order using the customer's name. Follow the below instructions to review information via the customer.