host vendor guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for Hosting weddings at The Vow Exchange.

Review general policies for couple & guests during their event at the venue
Review "Event Notes" on the digital bulletin board for details regarding the upcoming scheduled event
Maintain the security of provided keys & security codes to the venue
Attire for events should be "put together" & appropriate for attending a wedding where guests are dressed in sequins or denim. Please refrain from pants that are denim or that have rips or holes.
Wear comfortable and quiet footwear as to not make sound if needed to move around during a ceremony. Please refrain from flip flops, loud flats, loud heels or loud boots.

Arrive to the venue ready to set up no later than 30 minutes before the couple's venue access time
Park in designated parking areas. Please DO NOT park directly in front of the venue
Refer to "Event Overview" on bulletin board provided in supply area for the full day's events
Grant venue access for The Vow Exchange's service providers upon their arrival (Couple's service providers must follow the couple's access time to the venue)
Follow provided "Event Notes" in order noted for the event set up
Use provided "EMERGENCY FLOW CHART" to address issues as they arise
Turn electronic devices (phones, etc.) to silent & monitor phone for communication from The Vow Exchange's service providers & team

Greet couple & guests upon their arrival to the venue
Offer any help needed to help couple & guests get settled
If possible, adjust attitude towards couple & guests to suit their personality
Maintain "matter-of-fact" but kind and helpful attitude with couple & guests
Ensure couple & guests adhere to The Vow Exchange general policies including venue access time, food & drink, tossables and other established policies
Work with service providers (provided by The Vow Exchange or the couple) to ensure all are clear on the details for the event & the needs of the couple are met
Follow provided "Event Notes" in order noted for event execution
Use provided "EMERGENCY FLOW CHART" to address issues as they arise

Be proactive in notifying couple of the approaching close of their event
Assist couple & guests with gathering belongings and loading in vehicles
Follow provided "Event Notes" in order noted to set up for next event or to close the venue if no following event is scheduled
Use provided "EMERGENCY FLOW CHART" to address issues as they arise
Ensure the venue and The Vow Exchange's belongings are secure at all entry points (including interior hallways) before leaving