Take a gander a these "hosting hacks" to ensure a smooth event and a thrilled couple.

  • THE HOST IS THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Keeping the couple and photographer informed on the remaining time helps our couples get the most out of their event. 
  • COMING SOON: Hosts can refer to a "HELP CHART" for trouble shooting common but kooky situations. Sometimes it takes a phone call & sometimes not. 
  • LOW ON SUPPLIES? Feel free to enter any supply that looks low on the "low supply list" on the supply closet wall.
  • THE TIP LOG, on the supply closet wall allows you to log any tip received from an event. We will evenly divvy the tip between the service team involved in the event.
  • NEW CITY CHURCH offers our Hosts (and other service providers) a way to exit on the McGee side of the street. The church also allows us to use their sink for filling water dispensers
  • WHEN IT IS DARK... do not feel the need to be in the alley for trash disposal or other needs
  • FOR EARLY ARRIVING GUESTS... remember the waiting area in the hall is available until the venue is prepped and ready
  • Connect with our guests, when time permits by handing a flag to each guest. Sharing your friendly smile with each guest enhances everyone's overall experience at the event.
  • Should the couple have their own officiant or photographer, give each of them a "Host Card" to clarify expectations at The Vow Exchange.
  • iPad skipping? We discovered that holding the bottom of the iPad against you causes a disruption in the network connection causing skipping. Just a heads up!
  • When resetting the chairs, start with the back row first as the west side (by the bathroom door) creates a bottle neck if the chairs are too far back. Once the back row is set move forward row by row centering the seats in the large square floor tile.