We are so excited you have chosen to join our team! Together we will have a grand ol time helping some really nice couples get hitched. To get started we would like to walk you through our customer's experience from the moment they decide to celebrate their wedding with us.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Pick a package

All events at The Vow Exchange are booked as a "package." Each package includes various services that we offer with our events. Couples first review and select the one that fits them best. The "cheat sheet" below outline the differences between each package option. Take a look to familiarize yourself with our different options.


Today as part of your new hire orientation, you are going to book a wedding with The Vow Exchange! So think of the man or woman of your dreams and pretend this will be your big day. To begin, click the "Packages" button on The Vow Exchange website below and follow the next steps:

  • scroll down and select a package.
  • click the "Browse Available Dates" button 

step 2: Book an event

You are now on The Vow Exchange's booking site. This site allows our customers to see our availability at any given moment. The site is always live and up-to-date with our dates and times. Simply click on the "Book Online" tab to select a package, select a date and view the available time spots. Today we are booking your appointment for you, but for all our regular customers, this is the process they use.


Now that we have set up your pretend wedding in our system, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email you can see your selected date & package and are prompted to confirm your email. 


Upon clicking the "CONFIRM EMAIL" link on your event confirmation email, you will be prompted to select the package you booked. Upon doing so, you will get a screen requesting your contact info as well as requesting you to review and accept the event Terms & Conditions. The event Terms & Conditions clarify the services included in your selected package as well as common expectations for events at The Vow Exchange.

Step 5: your event portal

Now that we have your contact info, we can set up your event portal. The event portal is an online page where you are able to:

  • review the event terms & conditions (that you just agreed to)
  • view a digital invoice to make payments towards your event balance
  • view a digital questionnaire with all the customization options for your wedding.

The digital questionnaire is where couples are able to indicate their preferences for several aspects of their event such as ceremony style, song choices and more! At The Vow Exchange, we manage over a hundred wedding events at any given time. To ensure we do not miss a single detail for each event, we require our couples to communicate their wishes on this form ONLY. We can not accept requests verbally, via email or otherwise. If they did not put it on their questionnaire, we can not accommodate the request.

step 6: 3 week "last call for changes" email

On the 3rd Monday before a couple's event, we send a 3 week "last call" email inviting the couple to make changes before there are financial consequences. The couple may make changes to their event booking (such as change their date, package, cancel or postpone) or they may make changes to their event details (changing their ceremony music or ceremony elements, etc.). We are able to accept these changes up to 14 days before their event, but not 13 days or less. This ensures we are able to be properly prepared for their event and sets everyone up for success. 

step 7: 1 week wrap up email

On the Monday previous to the couple's event, we send a 1 week wrap up email clarifying all expectations. We send along the names of the service providers assigned to their event (including the host, officiant & photographer if applicable) as well as the actual links to their requested songs we will play during their event. Along with this email we send a copy of their final completed questionnaire so they can see exactly what we will have prepared for them when they arrive to their scheduled event later that week.


Aaaaand there you have it! The customer's experience booking and setting up their event. We believe your understanding of this process will help with your interactions with the couple as they show up for their event. At The Vow Exchange we do our best to clarify expectations from beginning to end to ensure a flawless and delightful experience for each and every event.

Now it's time to get familiar with our internal systems to help you execute your role at The Vow Exchange!