Ceremony Style


The ceremonies that we offer at the vow exchange offer couples a celebration that is meaningful and heartfelt. We provide 3 styles for couples to choose from that offer a range of values and focuses.


Civil Non-spiritual

This ceremony is routed in themes of friendship, commitment and marriage. There are no spiritual references making this the perfect option for couples who do not participate in a spiritual background.


Spiritual Non- Denominational

This ceremony includes references to God but is not specific to a particular religion or denomination. This option is perfect for the couple who would like to acknowledge God as a part of their celebration but who don not subscribe to a particular faith.



This ceremony is routed in the Christian faith, but is still very universal in appeal making this appropriate for any Christian follower regardless of which version you practice (ex. not specifically Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, etc.).


Have something different in mind?

Feel free to contact The Vow Exchange directly to discuss options for other types of ceremonies.