Caterer vendor guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for providing catering & cakes for weddings at The Vow Exchange.

Review "Event Notes" on the digital bulletin board for details regarding the upcoming scheduled event(s)
Note designated venue for drop off location
Note special requests and accommodate if possible (excluding dietary restrictions)
Note selected dishes & beverages
For cake packages, note indicated cake type (3 tier or mini cake), flavor and frosting color preferences
For catering packages, use provided serving vessels to be dropped off with caterer week of the event
Coordinate with the scheduler on best time to deliver item(s) at the designated venue
Week of event, send scheduler invoice for current week's order(s) broken out by each couple/event

Arrive to the designated venue to drop off item(s) at previously arranged time
Ensure all items (including food, beverages and to-go boxes) are included in the delivery